Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Great American Fish Tank Build

I'm such an enabler. I admit it. I bought Angry Husband the 12 gallon saltwater fish tank for Father's Day. I thought it was cute and small, sometime for him to do. Angry Toddler would love looking at the little fishies swimming around. I was wrong. I should know better by name, AH obsesses, I mean obsesses when he gets a new hobby.

I should know better. There is a quite a cult of fish people at work. All they talk about it their coral, new fish, chemical measurements, water evaporation, etc. I have joined the cult. The local fish store knows us by name now. The owner has become friends with AH. We discuss my co-workers fish tanks and what they have learned from the experience.

I could have fore casted this, but I didn't. AH wanted a bigger and better tank. His first thought, saw out the wall between the dining room and garage. Umm, no, we are not sawing out walls for a FISH TANK.

Then it came to him, he was going to turn out dining room buffet into a tank stand. Hence, the Great American Fish Tank Build. Oh, yes, 125 GALLONS of acrylic fish tank.....

My dining room before:
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Dining room after, The Great American Fish Tank Build:
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The tank isn't done yet. AH needs to buy lighting, rock, and water still.........

I have no clue how much money he's spent on this. Thankfully, he's been doing some side work for my friends...

Friday, September 28, 2007

My Pre-School Drop Off Attire

Angry Toddler started preschool in June. I used to get up before him, take a shower, get dressed and pulled myself together. I was ok with doing this, because I was awake. Also, Angry Husband took the small child to school most of the days.

At the beginning of the September, AT started school 5 days a week. My morning went to, grabbing jeans and a shirt from the closet, with no shower.

Today, I'm picking my pants from the floor, throwing them on, putting on a t-shirt (no bra), grabbing a pink fleece jacket, and putting on blue Crocs. I combed my hair, because I looked like a rooster. I then grabbed the kid and off we went.

I'm a complete mess today, oh well...

Believe me, if I didn't have to go sign the kid in, I would be wearing pajama pants every day.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Self-Portrait

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Owls are HOT for Kid's Clothes Right Now

For some unknown reason, owls are the big thing for children's clothing this Fall. If you look at any of these sites; Gymboree, babyGap, Boden, you will see them.

I've really gotten into buying custom clothing for Angry Toddler in the past year. All these wonderful sellers on e-bay make awesome designs. I really love how every piece is unique and different.

One of my online buddies, Lindsay, designed this awesome custom woodpecker/owl tee for boy's. It seems that the girls always get the cutest designs by the big manufacturers. I instantly saw the tee and said, "Wow".

Lindsay has been doing custom outfits for over a year now. Her designs just keep getting more and more spectacular. Her e-bay id is fancy*pants*customs.

I love to spam my friends!

A Day in the Life of Julie, Not So Angry Monday

I rolled out of bed at 8:30am, this morning. AH asks, "Do you want eggs, breakfast?" Well of course I do. I venture to the kitchen table while he prepares me some eggs and toast. He knows this is the only normal meal I will eat today, as I can't even boil water.

I proceed to eat my delicious plate of eggs and toast. A few minutes later the doorbell rings, it's our cleaning people. I deal with dirty people at work all day, I refuse to clean dirty toilets. So the girls get to work, while I hop on the computer.

So I sit here reading the blogs, surfing e-bay, and g-chatting it up with my friends.

I then suddenly realize that I'm on call for court for work. Yep, that's right, I'm getting paid for two hours of work while I sit here in my pajamas, surfing the net, while people clean my house.

Sometimes, it's good to be me...

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you all..Angry Toddler is at preschool!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Contents of old purse....

While I was cleaning out my old purse to transfer everything into the new purse, I discovered the following:

1. Wallet (exploding with ATM/Debit receipts)
2. Planner (exploding with various store coupons, receipts, etc.)
3. Pair of sunglasses
4. Pair of eyeglasses
5. Dog Collar (pink leather)
6. 2 bottles of OPI nail polish
7. 5 crayons
8. Casio g-Shock watch (work watch), with incorrect time
9. Work ID card to get into door
10. Container of bobby pins
11. Business cards with my husband's name on them
12. Business cards with my name on them
13. 2 checkbooks
14. 2 postcards that came in the mail from businesses

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My New Pretty!!

I went shopping with my mom and Angry Toddler today. AT has not been cooperating the past few months when I take him to the mall. He gets very angry. So I take AT out of the car and attempt to shove him in the stroller. He screams, NOOO, Walk!!! I say, No!! So my mom and I manage to shove him into the stroller and buckle him in. He then tries to escape. I shove two suckers in my hand. Ahhh, AT is Happy Toddler now.

We all shopped for about two hours. I ventured in Coach. I saw this purse online the other night and became fixated on it. I knew my mom had a 25% coupon for Coach that expires tommorrow.

Like I spoiled brat, I begged. She gave in and got me the purse as an early birthday present. My birthday is in November, remember that, people!

So anyway, check out my new Coach Legacy Shoulder Flap Purse in Black Leather. I love the print on the inside too. I can't wait to put all my goodies in it!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Rainy Day in the OC

Well, I woke up to the loud sound of pouring rain at 3am this morning. I got up and checked outside, because I thought the noise was Angry Toddler running around the house. The rain was really loud. It's a good thing the dogs were locked up in the garage. They hate getting wet, wimps.

The forecast for today is in the low 60's. It's going to rain all day. I had to put a long sleeve shirt and pants on AT today. He was not happy. He's a shorts and t-shirt kind of kid. Plus, when I dropped him off at school, he was also not happy cause he could not play on the playground. He stood in the middle of the playground and threw a mini tantrum.

I then went to Starbucks and got myself a lovely Yogurt Parfait and Passion Ice Tea. Of course, I could make myself a yogurt parfait at home, but why, when Starbucks packages it soo nicely with their yummy granola. All the coffee addicts looked at me like I was a freak when I ordered my ice tea. I'm just not a coffee person, never was, never will be.

It's kinda sad, how Starbucks has become such an icon here. The place was full of giggly high school girls, talking about school and boys.

Instead of loafing around today, I'm going to go and get my hair colored and cut. Maybe I will share some pictures later. My hair is quite diabolical right now. Nothing worse than a blonde girl going without her hairlights for too long.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Trojan Horse

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I'm referring to the medical term PCP (Primary Care Physician), not the drug, you silly people.

Now that I'm getting older, well not THAT old, I've started realizing some things. I probably should get myself checked out. Ok, I realized this when I was coughing up my lungs last week. I knew that I needed drugs, preferably some kind of antibiotic.

So I realize that it's been a few years since I have been to the regular doctor, perhaps 2004-ish. Yikes!! I check with the medical practice where I went before and my doctor is no longer there. Ugh. They are also an Urgent Care Center. So I tell them that I probably have bronchitis and upper respiratory infection-ish. They told me that I could/maybe/most likely wait two to three hours for Urgent Care Dr. The receptionist then asked who my PCP was. I said well, it was this Dr. (not naming names). She said, ohhh she hasn't been here for like two years. I said well, can I establish myself with a new doctor in the practice? She said, umm, this particular dr. has an appointment. So I went to Dr. and got my meds. I didn't get that "I want her as my PCP feeling".

Angry Husband decides that he wants to go to Dr. now also. He would like to get a physical done. He also has no PCP. So I pull up our health insurance's website. I get hundreds of doctors listed in our area. I have no clue on how to begin? My choices are male/female, other languages spoken, year graduated from Medical School, etc. So I put the doctors within 5 miles if our house search. I started calling the doctors' offices. This is what I get from the receptionists, this is my typical conversation.

Me: Hi, are you accepting new patients in your group?

Chick on Phone: Yes/No and then what type of insurance do you have?

Me: XYZ Insurance

Chick on Phone: Oh, we are only accepting HMO patients now

Me: Ok , thanks

Other Chick on Phone: Oh, we do take your insurance, but, we are a concierge practice.

Me: Um, what does that mean?

Chick on Phone: Well, you pay $1800 a year for premiere service.

Me: Um, ok, no thanks, click....

So I finally call one of the newer Medical Groups in the area. I get a really nice lady on the phone. I told her that I'm looking for a PCP for my husband who is a typical male and hates/refuses going to the Dr. She said, how bout next week. I was shocked, I said sure thing!!! I then asked her, "What is this concierge medical practice thing?" She told me that it's becoming on of these popular OC things where the doctors are at your beck and call. I giggled and then hung up.

Well, I'm a Google-r. I researched Concierge Medical Practices and here are some highlights.

As a general rule, for a fixed annual fee, these practices offer a limited number of patients special services and amenities that are not now provided by most medical practices. These services may include, among other things, the following:

·Nicer and less crowded reception areas.

·Priority/same day/ guaranteed next day/ extended/ Saturday appointments.

·24-hour pager, cell phone, home phone access to the physician.

·House calls and out of office care, possibly including accompanying patients to appointments with specialists.

· Preventive care/ weight loss/ nutrition/ wellness advice and programs.

· Telephone and email consultations.

· Spa-like amenities and decor.

· Free check ups.

· Physicals and other normally uncovered services

So anyway, the AH has a new PCP. I still do not. I hate this search. I want someone that I feel comfortable with. And of course, I got asked again today, by my Ob-Gyn, "Who is your PCP, so we can forward your test results?" I sighed, I don't have one. The receptionist gave me a weird look.

I guess as an adult it is one of my duties; 1. PCP and 2. Dentist.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Haircut

So we (Angry Husband and myself) decide that Angry Toddler needs a haircut. I call our local kid's haircutting place. This is the place we've always gone to. We secure an appointment at 12pm. The place has moved a little farther so I told AH that we need to leave a little sooner than usual.

We are still trying to figure out why the place moved from the convenient mall location to this harder to find location near the beach with no parking.

We get there and park our car. AH walks in and already gets an annoyed look on his face. He gets the feeling that something is not quite right. We tell the receptionist that our appt is 12pm, it's not 12 exactly. She told me that someone was just finishing up and would be right with us. There are two stylists and they both had kids in the chairs (airplanes).

The one lady is finishing up with a little boy. She is just finishing up with a little gel and then the mom speaks. Umm, can I get a little trim also? What the heck, chick, you want to get your hair trimmed at the kid's place? Umm, people are waiting. People whom have an angry toddler who won't sit still. Soo greedy stylist agrees to cut this woman's hair. And this was not a trim, this chick wanted layers and everything!!! Angry Husband got that annoyed, let's leave look on his face.

So we patiently wait for second chick. She is finishing cutting a little girl's hair,then she proceeds to put the girl's hair in pigtails, which were very cute.

So finally at 12:30, we plop AT down in second stylist's airplane chair. The husband attempts to tell her how we want our son's haircut. An experienced stylist would understand what my husband was trying to tell them. This chick looked at my husband like he was speaking a foreign language. And this is what he said, can we use a 1 in the back (clippers with a big guard), and fade up the back to a 3 (bigger guard), then use scissors on the top to thin it out. It's really really really easy to do.

Well the chick started throwing baby powder all over AT's shoulders (we had removed his shirt, cause he hates the smock thingy). Then she grabs the clippers and starts randomly cutting my son's hair. The way she was cutting it made no sense at all. She finally finished with the scissors on top. This was the crappiest haircut I have ever seen my son get. Then, I can't believe it, I actually went and paid $20 for this mess.

The mommy whom was getting her haircut was still there after we left.

Angry Husband got in the car and looked at me, and said, "What kind of haircut was that?" I said, I know, two more weeks and he's going to need it cut again. This kid can usually go 6-8 weeks. AH also said, PLEASE find another place to get his haircut, we are NOT going back there....

So the moral of the story is; Why would any woman in her 30's want to get her hair butchered by these clowns who can't even cut a 2 year old boy's hair?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm going back to being a night owl!!!

Well after two years of working in the daytime, I'm finally going back to nights. It's going to be really strange. Today is my last day working dayshift. You think I would be out enjoying the sunshine? Heck no, there's too much traffic outside and people are cranky.

I'm kinda glad I'm going back to nights. I get to sleep in longer and wake up without an alarm clock. Going to bed at 3am is a whole other story.

So, if I get kinda random on my blog posts, just remember to look at the time it posted.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Naptime

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where Were You?

This is a special day for Americans. It is September 11th. Six years ago, I woke up at my friend's house in Weatherford, Texas. I turned on the local news and saw buildings with smoke coming out of them. I did not think anything about this at the time. I then turned on another channel and noticed the same news footage. I then realized that something major must be going on.

I was still a little sleepy as I was adjusting from the time change. I was at my friend, Susan's house, and was set to leave the next day. I called her out from her bedroom to come watch the news footage. I finally woke up some more and paid attention to the news reporters. They said that a plane had crashed into a tower at the World Trade Center. I really did not know what the World Trade Center was? I was 25 years old at the time and had lived in California all my life. I did not realize the significance of what had happened. We continued to watch the news and I finally realized how "big" this really was. I picked up the telephone and called my husband in California. I told him to go turn on the news.

He went and got my mom, we were living with the parents at the time, and told her to turn on the television. They were both in shock also.

My friend Susan and I left the next day to drive to California. We had her daughter also with us. We drove the entire way through New Mexico, Arizona, and California listening to NPR and the updates. The end of our voyage was in San Diego, California. My personal voyage ended at the gate of a U.S. Navy base. Susan's husband was in the Navy, and we drove to San Diego so she could meet up with him. I was going to stay with them that night at the military hotel and then my husband would come and pick me up. Well the base was on full alert, so they would not let little Miss Civilian on. I even tried to show them my Police Id. It was not negotiable. So Susan had to drive me to my parents house, late the night, after we had driven all night long...

As the days passed, more people were found. I realized what a great tragedy this was for our Nation. I will always remember where I was this day. Like I'm sure my mom will remember where she was when Kennedy was shot.

I'm thankful for everything I have. I am secretly glad that I am not at work today. The Fire Peeps are very somber today and I understand, but it is indeed sad.

So I will give my son, who was not born until 4 years later, a hug and think of the people who lost their loved ones.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Doodle Bugs Paper

My friend Londie is a shopping fanatic like me. She is one of my online gal pals, and it's probably a good thing she doesn't live closer. She has introduced me to all kinds of new places to shop at. She has also enabled my e-bay addiction even more.

Around this time last year, Londie turned me onto Doodle Bugs Paper. The owner of Doodle Bugs is Kacey. Let me tell ya, Kacey does some awesome work. I'm turned several friends onto her site since then.

I think Doodle Bugs is my new official place for gifts. I mean come'on, every gal loves personalized stationary, right?

You gotta check out her site. She has some awesome things up there for Halloween and the Harvest Season. She will be putting out her Holiday things soon.

Doodle Bugs Paper

OMG It's a Train Wreck, Y'All

Well it's Monday morning, the day after MTV's 2007 Video Music Awards. Ummm, MTV has soo many regular programs now, I didn't even know that they showed enough music videos to have awards for them. Seriously, I remember the good ole' days of MTV, when you could turn it on and see videos around the clock. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Hills, Laguna Beach, and Newport Harbor, but I also liked the video aspect of MTV also.

MTV highlighted this year's awards show by having it at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas. A very MTV-style hip and trendy place. The highlight of the show was supposed to be their opening act, Britney Spears singing her much anticipated single "Gimme More." Britney pranced out on stage with her dancers wearing a sparkly black bikini-thing and tall black boots. She has shoulder length blond hair, unknown if it was extensions or a wig.

First impression: The look was not going for poor poor Britney. Britney has had two children since her "Baby One More Time" days. She is not that cute schoolgirl in the private school uniform with pigtails anymore. Britney's got some junk in her trunk and it shows. I mean, I would love to even have the body that she has now, but I would not go out on a stage with millions of viewers wearing what she had on.

Then the music started. It was very obvious that she was lip-synching the entire performance. She got so overwhelmed with the dance routine that she pretty much stopped trying to sing during her performance. She got this confused, where the hell am I look?

Even the people in the audience had weird looks on their faces. It was hilarious.

Poor Britney's PR person better get on this fast! Someone needs to tell Britney to just stop and reflect on her priorities. Britney spend some time with your kids, and get your butt in the gym.

My co-worker unfortunately missed this wonderful performance. We've been looking all morning for some video footage on the Internet. So if Y'All, find some linkage, please send it my way in a comment. I would really love to show her the video.


I found a linkee to the video on MTV. Here Y'All go!
Britney Spears 2007 MTV VMA's

Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's a Bling Thing

Bling shirts are very popular right now. They are all the rage for little girls. It might be a good thing that I have a boy. I think they are all soo cute! These tees are made with high quality Swarovski crystals.

My gal pal, Stacie, makes these custom shirts and sells them on e-bay. She comes up with the designs all on her own. She also makes mommy shirts too.

I just wanted to post about this, cause I wanted to give Stacie a "shout-out" on her talent!!

Check out Stacie's E-Bay Store: Blingin*Baby Designs

Also check out the auction for the shirt listed above: Snowman Shirt Auction

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Got some new eyeglasses

I had Lasik surgery in 1999. My grandmother paid for the surgery and afterward exclaimed that she gave me the gift of sight. I had terrible eyesight before I had surgery. I inherited my dad's bad eyes. I had an astigmatism in both eyes, and I think my prescription was like 20/400 or something awful like that. I was one of those glasses on the nightstand people. I had to wear them full-time.

Everyone at work jumped on the bandwagon as soon as this surgery got popular. Some of the older people still had to wear reading glasses after surgery. I was one of the luckier people, I did not have to wear any type of glasses afterwards. I really had no complications, except for dry eyes, which lasted a couple of months.

I have been ok, the past few years. But about a year ago, I noticed that my night vision was not as clear. I know that this is a side effect from the astigmatism. I noticed that street lights had those halos again. I also noticed that it was becoming harder to see street signs.

When you work in a job like I do, you need to be able to read street signs and addresses. I knew that I would be returning to the night shift in September. So I went to my local Costco and saw the local optometrist. She gave me an exam. She advised me that I night a slight prescription. So slight, that she told me only to wear the lens driving, at night. I got my prescription and headed out the door.

Yesterday, I went to my local LensCrafters with my prescription in hand. I walked in and began looking at the frames. Knowing that I'm a total brand name snob, I looked at the D&G, Prada, Chanel, and Burberry frames. I found the most perfect set of frames from Chanel. They are a beautiful silver color.

I know that they are a bit extravagant for work, but I said, what the hell. I got the best lens I could, with scratch coating and all. The manager there told me to come back in an hour to pick them up. I was in shock, in only an hour, I would get my new cute glasses.

I picked them up and they were beautiful. It was much easier to read street signs after that.

I wore my new glasses at work this morning.. Since it was still dark out when I started working. Several people noticed my new glasses and complimented me on them. One co-worker laughed at me, and said "Oh, are those Gucci or something?". I said, "No, they are Chanel, duh". I was making a joke with him, because these are a little over the top for my working conditions, but hey, a girl has got to have style, right?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The house of ill

Angry Toddler and I are both sick right now. AT picked up some kind of bug from preschool, I'm sure. He went to doctor on Tuesday and was diagnosed with double ear infections. So they give him some antibiotics and send us on our way.

I noticed that I was getting a sore throat Tuesday night. Well sleeping from Tuesday to Wednesday morning was awful. I woke up several times throughout the night, coughing myself. AT came into our bed at 5:30am, Wednesday morning, coughing also.

It just made for a miserable day yesterday. No preschool for him. No breaks for the momma. So today, we are both sick. It totally sucks! I want someone to take care of ME, for once. I want to be able to sleep this off, take meds, go into a coma.

Hopefully, the AH will come home soon and relieve me from childcare.

Poor Angry Toddler, he does love his preschool and he's sooo bored at home with me.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Something soo simple, going to the bathroom

I swear, I'm not going to be graphic in this post..but I just had to vent a little.

So we have all the doors locked in our house, except Angry Toddler's room. AT likes to get into things, so we have to lock the doors to protect all of us. We put the keys on the door frame above the door.

So I needed to use the bathroom. I secretly tip toe to our bedroom, open the door and jump in, closing the door behind me as fast as I can. I can hear AT running down the hall, screaming, "Momma, Mommy". I am safe behind the bedroom door. So I walk into the bathroom, I realize ugh no toilet paper. I then look in the linen closet, no spare rolls. Ugh, which means I need to get some supplies from the garage.

I then leave our bedroom, locking the door safely behind me. I sneak into the garage. I look in the cabinet, no toilet paper, but we have like 15 rolls of paper towels... This is why I hate going to the grocery store, I'm always forgetting something...

So now, I have to break into AT's bathroom, I walk to the door, and he comes running down the hall, "Wash hands, wash hands, go potty." If I let him into the bathroom, I know it will be a 30 minute visit, consisting of stripping down his clothes, sitting on toilet, flushing toilet, washing hands, trying to climb into sink, re-diapering, re-dressing.. I don't want any part of that.

So I did the smart mommy thing. I blocked him with my leg. That's right, the thigh in front of the chest block. I reached up and grabbed the toilet paper. Yea, that's right, I reached up, cause we put it on top of the medicine cabinet, so AT can't throw the whole roll in the toilet. Wow, that was quite the run-on sentence.

So anyway, I proceed to lock the door behind me, and run to our bedroom. I close the door behind me and rejoice, because I finally get to go pee.

Yes, it took 30 minutes for me to go to the bathroom.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Speaking of E-Bay.....SPAM

AH has gotten himself into a variety of "hobbies". The latest hobby, umm like 8 months ago, was remote controlled helicopters. He went and sold all his Paintball Guns (yet, another expensive hobby). He then purchased his remote control helicopter and all the pretty shiny things that go with it. His best friend, Eric, also bought a helicopter, go figure..

AH didn't have much time to put into his helicopter hobby, so alas the helicopter sat in the garage along with all the other neglected "hobby" items.

AH is VERY into our saltwater fish tank lately. I'm actually not opposed to this hobby. Angry Toddler loves looking at all the shishes aka fish. AH spends all his time looking at the Saltwater fish forums, websites, name it.

So AH had me list "The Helicopter on E-bay" last night. Here's a the auction, if you want a semi-put together helicopter...

Helicopter Auction

First Day of Preschool for New Year

Today is the official start of "real" school for Angry Toddler's Preschool. As the Founder of his school announced, "Vacation is Over, Time for School". AT has been going to this school since June. The summer program consisted of alot of free play, story time, special events, and water play. AT is going to miss those water days.

They will now concentrate on the basics, reading, language, and such.

Which means I have the day off today. It's been only 2 hours since he's been at school and I've already done two loads of laundry, vacuumed, and cleaned up. I still have more cleaning to do. AH was really busy this weekend doing some side jobs, and of course I was working. So everything got a little hectic and messy around here. Today is going to be my clean up and get organized day.

I have to do some errands today also. I have to go to bank and Target.

Then it will be time to pick up Angry Toddler.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Blech Labor Day....not a holiday for some!

Today is a holiday here in the United States, Labor Day. About 90% of the people I know have the day off. They are enjoying the last few hours of their summer before school goes back into session, time at the pool has ended, and the beach vacations are done.

But, yes, I'm part of the other 10%. I work all holidays if it falls into my schedule. I am in a career that works without regard to holidays..

So here I am, sitting at work, along with my co-worker, dressed up in my lovely work attire, SWEATING. Why, because it's 90+ degrees outside, and we are wearing PANTS!!

I could be lounging at home, hanging with my family, but alas, due to my chosen career, I'm sweating..

Hey, maybe I will lose a few pounds....

And you wonder why my blog is called...Angry Julie Monday! Although TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) for me!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


One must achieve some level of sleep in order to function during the day. Friday night was awful, Angry Toddler was up all night screaming... Angry Husband had fed Angry Toddler some hot dogs at 6pm. The hot dogs did not sit well in AT's stomach. He was up screaming and crying most of the night. I know Angry Husband was trying to be good, and took AT out into the front room, but when you live in an 1100 sq. foot house, you hear everything...I tossed and turned all night.

Last night, we got to bed. Angry Toddler was safe and sound in his own bed. I'm in bed with Angry Husband. AH snores all night long, I nudge him to roll over at least 5 times, saying "roll over, you're snoring, please roll over." He grunts and rolls over.

Then at like 3am, Angry Toddler walks in the room with his blankie. You know where this is going. I pick up AT and put him in the bed between us. Apparently since 5pm or so, AT has developed a cough. So AT flips around all friggin night, snoring and coughing.. You cannot forget the fact that AH is also snoring still.

How can a woman sleep? I feel like Goldilocks between two damn bears. and to top it all off, I'm working today from 6am-8pm, yea that's right. That's a long ass day with no sleep. I'm soo tired. Which means, I'm going to have to sleep on my lunch hour today...

All I want is a full night's sleep with out snoring or a 33 lb. child pressed up against me. Do I need to check into a hotel for this?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

OMG It's HOT!!!!

I am going to sound like a cry baby right now. I never really talk about work much on my blog. I try and keep it seperate. I don't want to get into trouble, ya know.

So I'm sitting here at work, in my 3 layers of clothing (work uniform). I keep getting requested to go out in that blazing sun!!!

I know that 86 degrees doesn't sound hot, but it really is. I feel like I'm melting....

I'm soo happy I only have one more hour left. Then I can go home to my nice air conditioned house. With my small child jumping all over me, but sigh, at least it's air conditioned.

September 1st

Today is September 1st. For some people it means the end of summer. Some kids have already gone back to school, some start this week. I wish the weather around here would realize that. It's been soo hot and muggy this week. I mean really, I like the heat, not this kinda heat. I prefer the Vegas-style dry heat.

I'm supposed to be starting a diet this week. I figured it would be a good time to start. The small child is starting preschool full-time on Tuesday. Our poor checkbook! But that means I will have more free time on my days off. So Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays, my butt will be in the gym.

I'm on a message forum and we are doing a mini Biggest Loser contest. We are all chipping in funds for prizes and such. I think we are going to do it for 8 weeks or so. I think we are starting the 4th.

I hope soo because that chocolate donut I just ate here at work, is not good for the diet. Blech, why do I eat this crap? These damn people at work, always leave food around. It's like, eat me, I'm free....please eat me!!! I need to restrain myself from doing that. I'm going to nights soon, which should help me eat alot better. I won't be eating 2 meals out of my day at work, breakfast and lunch. This should also help the bank account..

I hope it's not too hot today. I'm sooo tired and the heat as another factor would not be good. The husband feed the child hot dogs last night. I think he did not digest the hot dogs well and was sick all night. My poor baby.

Ok, I better work some. Must earn my money!
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