Monday, September 10, 2007

OMG It's a Train Wreck, Y'All

Well it's Monday morning, the day after MTV's 2007 Video Music Awards. Ummm, MTV has soo many regular programs now, I didn't even know that they showed enough music videos to have awards for them. Seriously, I remember the good ole' days of MTV, when you could turn it on and see videos around the clock. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Hills, Laguna Beach, and Newport Harbor, but I also liked the video aspect of MTV also.

MTV highlighted this year's awards show by having it at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas. A very MTV-style hip and trendy place. The highlight of the show was supposed to be their opening act, Britney Spears singing her much anticipated single "Gimme More." Britney pranced out on stage with her dancers wearing a sparkly black bikini-thing and tall black boots. She has shoulder length blond hair, unknown if it was extensions or a wig.

First impression: The look was not going for poor poor Britney. Britney has had two children since her "Baby One More Time" days. She is not that cute schoolgirl in the private school uniform with pigtails anymore. Britney's got some junk in her trunk and it shows. I mean, I would love to even have the body that she has now, but I would not go out on a stage with millions of viewers wearing what she had on.

Then the music started. It was very obvious that she was lip-synching the entire performance. She got so overwhelmed with the dance routine that she pretty much stopped trying to sing during her performance. She got this confused, where the hell am I look?

Even the people in the audience had weird looks on their faces. It was hilarious.

Poor Britney's PR person better get on this fast! Someone needs to tell Britney to just stop and reflect on her priorities. Britney spend some time with your kids, and get your butt in the gym.

My co-worker unfortunately missed this wonderful performance. We've been looking all morning for some video footage on the Internet. So if Y'All, find some linkage, please send it my way in a comment. I would really love to show her the video.


I found a linkee to the video on MTV. Here Y'All go!
Britney Spears 2007 MTV VMA's


  1. poor poor Brit Brit... oh wait, I don't feel sorry for her at all. She needs to quit drinking, quit smoking or snorting whatever she is smoking and snorting and she needs to raise her kids. However, for entertainment value I LOVE the trainwreck!!!

  2. Oh my, poor Britney. Or not. She brought this on herself!

    She really is great for her entertainment value!

  3. I totally missed the live performance but caught it this afternoon on YouTube. Yeah, that poor girl. She looked totally lost up there. I don't want to talk too badly about the way she looks, but I WILL say that after 2 babies she should just really evaluate what she should wear up there onstage. Oh, and NOT do such a crappy performance.

    Found you through Blogherads... I'll be back!


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