Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Speaking of E-Bay.....SPAM

AH has gotten himself into a variety of "hobbies". The latest hobby, umm like 8 months ago, was remote controlled helicopters. He went and sold all his Paintball Guns (yet, another expensive hobby). He then purchased his remote control helicopter and all the pretty shiny things that go with it. His best friend, Eric, also bought a helicopter, go figure..

AH didn't have much time to put into his helicopter hobby, so alas the helicopter sat in the garage along with all the other neglected "hobby" items.

AH is VERY into our saltwater fish tank lately. I'm actually not opposed to this hobby. Angry Toddler loves looking at all the shishes aka fish. AH spends all his time looking at the Saltwater fish forums, websites, pictures...magazines..you name it.

So AH had me list "The Helicopter on E-bay" last night. Here's a linkey...to the auction, if you want a semi-put together helicopter...

Helicopter Auction

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  1. LMAO... I was checking the scripting & your post caught my eye... just out of curiosity... Are we married to the same guy??? I swear to God, it's the SAME thing with me & my husband!!! He gets into an expensive hobby (Vintage diecast cars, RC cars, vinyl records, skateboard decks... and so on), gets bored and has me sell the stuff on eBay for him!


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