Sunday, September 23, 2007

Contents of old purse....

While I was cleaning out my old purse to transfer everything into the new purse, I discovered the following:

1. Wallet (exploding with ATM/Debit receipts)
2. Planner (exploding with various store coupons, receipts, etc.)
3. Pair of sunglasses
4. Pair of eyeglasses
5. Dog Collar (pink leather)
6. 2 bottles of OPI nail polish
7. 5 crayons
8. Casio g-Shock watch (work watch), with incorrect time
9. Work ID card to get into door
10. Container of bobby pins
11. Business cards with my husband's name on them
12. Business cards with my name on them
13. 2 checkbooks
14. 2 postcards that came in the mail from businesses

1 comment:

  1. My favorite is when I have empty my old purse and then stumble across it and its leftover contents months later. All that time wondering where my fav lipstick went!


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