Monday, September 03, 2007

Blech Labor Day....not a holiday for some!

Today is a holiday here in the United States, Labor Day. About 90% of the people I know have the day off. They are enjoying the last few hours of their summer before school goes back into session, time at the pool has ended, and the beach vacations are done.

But, yes, I'm part of the other 10%. I work all holidays if it falls into my schedule. I am in a career that works without regard to holidays..

So here I am, sitting at work, along with my co-worker, dressed up in my lovely work attire, SWEATING. Why, because it's 90+ degrees outside, and we are wearing PANTS!!

I could be lounging at home, hanging with my family, but alas, due to my chosen career, I'm sweating..

Hey, maybe I will lose a few pounds....

And you wonder why my blog is called...Angry Julie Monday! Although TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) for me!!


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