Saturday, March 29, 2008

Love These Beach Towels

I got one of my many e-mails from Pottery Barn this week. I get probably one e-mail a day from them. This particular e-mail was from PBK otherwise known as Pottery Barn Kids. They have the cutest towels . They range in price from $16.00 to $25.00. We have a towel from last year and it still looks brand new. I will be buying a couple of these.

Overtime Weekend

I'm working overtime today and tommorrow. I might be blogging alot to keep myself busy, otherwise I might have to lose my mind. I told Angry Husband that I would see him on Monday.

I won't be getting home until about AH and AT are in bed at night. And I will be leaving again before they wake up.

So Busy

Yet again, I've neglected my blog this week. It started off busy at the beginning of the week, with Angry Toddler being sick.

We had to take Angry Toddler to the doctor on Monday and Wednesday for rechecks. His ear infection is gone but he is still wheezing. Our nebuliuzer was on the fritz, so I ordered a new one.

Angry Husband and I made some trips to Lowe's. We bought a nice white bench for our front porch area. We then went to a local landscape place to look at some things for our front planter. The planter is hideous. One of their designers is going to come over on Tuesday and give us some advice.

I've been working out alot too. That takes up alot of my free time. I've been going to the gym about 1.5 hours a day.

On Thursday, I took the doggies to get their teeth cleaned. Please if you have dogs, make sure you get their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. We had never had the dogs teeth cleaned. Well, Bruiser had to have 5 teeth pulled. That was an expensive bill.

I also went shopping with my friend, Kim, on Thursday. We were looking for things for her upcoming wedding. We left empty-handed, well not me, cause I found some new shoes.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Project Screen Door

We had a metal screen door on the front door area of our house. It was on the house when we bought it 2.5 years ago. Angry Toddler likes to push on it, and eventually broke it. We would have liked to get a stronger door, but alas, we live in a nazi-homeowner's association.

So I had an idea to kinda violate the HOA rules. We would install a retractable screen door on our front door. It secures by magnets.

Angry Husband took on this project while Angry Toddler was sleeping yesterday. I made sure that he followed all the directions properly. He did a great job and it looks beautiful!

The Aftermath of Easter

Easter started off good, and ended kind of bad.

I woke up at 5am, and got ready for work. I prepped Angry Toddler's Easter basket bucket and left it all on the kitchen table. I got him a sand bucket, because I thought it was a bit more practical than a basket we would never use again. I put some treats in it and toys also.

While I was at work for a few hours, I got a phone call from Angry Husband. He was annoyed with me, cause I put candy in Angry Toddler's bucket. Um, duh! Apaprently, AT only wanted chocolate for breakfast, hehehe. AH also warned me that AT had a slight cough.

I went on with my day at work, which consisted of typing some reports and checked my e-mail, etc. I left work at 12 noon and went home. I promptly changed my clothes into the fabulous Kohl's dress. (I would post pics, but I don't want my HOT-ness, being spread throughout the Net.) I think grabbed Angry Toddler's Easter outfit from the closet, an outfit from Gymboree's Aviator line. Angry Toddler refused the outfit at first, but eventually he gave him. We then all got in my vehicle to go to my Aunt's house.

As we were on the Freeway, Angry Husband kept looking back at Angry Toddler in the carseat. We both were happy that AT was starting to fall asleep, for a little bit. Then AH looked back at AT, and said, "Oh shit". I said, "What?" AH then said, "He's having a seizure, pull OVER NOW". We are used to this, Angry Toddler has Febrile Seizures from his fever spiking.

So we stripped off AT's clothing, and then the puking started. Yes, AT spewed all over the back seat of my vehicle. It was awful. We were able to get him buckled in and we headed to the nearest pharmacy place to get some Tylenol. I bought Tylenol, paper towels, and a beach towel, to mop up all the puke. What a mess.

I had the great idea of taking him to Urgent Care, as we know an ER bill would be outrageous. Luckily, the Urgent Care was open. We saw the doctor and discovered that AT had an ear infection in his left ear. We got some meds and headed home. At fell asleep in the car again, and AH was able to move him to his bed. AT then took a 3-hour nap, which is consistent with him, post seizure.

While AT was napping, we did some household projects and general cleaning. So much for the Easter egg hunt I scheduled for AT. My parents are coming over tonight and we are going to do dinner and an egg hunt in our front yard.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to Everyone!

We are not religious people so I will tell you how we are spending our day, here in California. I'm working from 6am-12noon, good times. Then we are going to my Aunt's house. I will get to see lots of Aunts, and Cousins whom I haven't seen in about 6 months. Really, everyone wants to see Angry Toddler.

Angry Toddler did not do Easter last year. He was going through a I.Don't.Want.To.Sit.In.The.Carseat.Phase. Ugh, that was a really shitty two months. We decided not to take him because we knew his behavior was awful.

The Easter Bunny left some things for Angry Toddler on our kitchen table. I will share some of those pictures later today.

We went to a Birthday Party yesterday at my friend's business, The Little Gym.

I hope everyone has a fabulous today. And once again, I'm sorry to the bad weather peeps, it's supposed to be 79 degrees here today.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Went Shopping Last Night

Angry Husband got home a little early yesterday. I advised AH that I needed to go out and find something to wear for Easter at my Aunt's House. I already had a shirt from Gap that I was going to wear.

I decided to go to Kohl's since they were having a sale. And OMG, seriously, they were having an awesome sale. I got two dresses, two pairs of jeans, six pairs of underwear, one bra, and one greeting card for under $150. I think that's an awesome deal. I have several upcoming weddings to go to this year, so I need some dresses. Both dresses I got are perfect for Easter and/or Weddings. I might even go back today and get some more, cause they are soo practical.

Anyway, this is one of the dresses that I got, $24.99 on sale, regular price $50.00.

I need to go look for some brown shoes. Both dresses have brown in them. Ugh, hopefully, I can find something.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ultimate Peep Show

In honor of Easter coming up this weekend, I thought I would share this cute photo. My friend, Monique, sent it to me. I thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Happy Spring!


Yesterday was the First Day of Spring. The sun is out longer. Angry Toddler has been wearing shorts lately. We've been spending our early evenings playing in the front yard. I love this time of the year.

I really dislike gloomy weather and cold. I'm a warm weather person. The winter months just make me miserable.

I can't wait till it warms up a little.

New Dentist

My old dentist sold his practice about a year ago. A nice new dentist replaced him. I wasn't that impressed with his replacement. So I didn't go to the dentist for over a year. I know alot of people who don't go to the dentist on a regular basis. But, i'm one of those people who really needs to go to the dentist. I took alot of medications when I was little, which damaged my teeth.

I got a postcard in the mail recently for a new dentist that just opened up near our house. So I arrived promptly at the new dentist's office on Tuesday. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful office. The dentist and staff were amazinng. They had all of the latest technology there. I watched my favorite television shows on DirecTv while I was getting my x-rays done.

The bad news, though... I had two new cavities and two crowns that need to be re-done. Apparently, my old dentist didn't properly do my crowns and now they are damaged. I had a feeling something was wrong. We also discussed some cosmetic dentisty options, I hate my teeth!

I go back in two weeks to get my cavities filled. It was the longest dental appointment I have ever had, but very imformative.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Signed up for 3 5K's

I work weekend so it's hard to keep up with my running pal, Monique. We did about 3 5K runs together last year. I haven't done any this year yet, due to the weather and my work schedule.

Well I've been doing some training lately.

So this morning, I went and signed up for 3 5K runs. They are in May, June, and August.

I need to get some new workout clothes, cause I hate do 5K's in my frumpty t-shirts and black capris.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Things To Do This Week

1. Buy Things for Angry Toddler's St. Patrick's Day Preschool Party
2. Go to dentist
3. Get Stella a birthday gift
4. Take dogs to vet (i.e. teeth cleaning and vaccinations) $$$
5. Buy Easter outfit for me
6. Finish Angry Toddler's Easter Basket aka Sand Bucket with lots of crap

Busy Week

Right now, I'm at work. I swear I can think of a million things that I need to do at home though.

Monday is St. Patrick's Day
Angry Toddler needs to wear green to school. I also need to bring stuff for special green snacks they are having. The other parents didn't sign up for enough things, so the nice parent that I am, signed up for 3 seperate items. Angry Husband will have to remember to bring it all with him, since I will be working Monday.

I just found out today, that I was invited to a St. Patrick's Day Party, Monday night. Apparently, the hostess didn't have my right e-mail addy, so I didn't get the e-vite. I will have to discuss this function with Angry Husband.


I have a dentist appointment with a new dentist in town. I thought I would try someone new, since my current dentist sold his practice, which I'm still bitter about.
I also have a meeting to go to Tuesday night.
Friday is Good Friday. Angry Toddler is out of school at 1pm. I figure we can go to the park, and play a little. Then he can take a nice little nap. I'm leaving work at 12pm that day.
Angry Toddler's girlfriend, Stella, is having her birthday party. My friend Stacey is opening a Little Gym, and the party is there. Note to self: Get present for Stella.
Yea, um Sunday is Easter. We are going to my aunt's house in Downey. They all want to see AT. We didn't go to my aunt's last year, because AT was having carseat issues. He wouldn't sit in a carseat for like 2 months.

I picked out a Gymboree outfit for him, and a white shirt from Gap for me. I need to go and get some capris or a skirt this week for me.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sick Kids and Preschool

Angry Toddler has been disease free for almost a month. Let's get a whoot whoot for that.

So Angry Husband drops Angry Toddler off this morning. Angry Husband advised me that he always stays about 10 minutes, talks to the other kids, teachers, etc. Well, he (AH) noticed that one of the little girls in AT's class was wrapped in a pink blanket.

AH overheard this conversation between the parent and the teacher. "Oh, yea, she hasn't been sleeping, and I gave her some Tyenol." AH said that the little girl's face was covered in snot.

Seriously, why would you drop your kid off at preschool/daycare in this condition. My kid is prone to illness, and I'm sure that there are other kids like AT. Could you please take the day off and take care of your child?

Daddy Dinners

I was downloading pictures from our little point and shoot camera the other day. I saw this picture and started laughing.

Angry Husband made dinner for Angry Toddler a couple of weeks ago. He arranged all the food in a pattern. It was chicken fries and tater tots. I thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Angry Husband said, "Oh, I'm trying to make food fun for him." I immediately grabbed the camera and took a picture, cause this moment was priceless.

Edited to add...

YES! That's a Christmas plate the food is on.

Pi Day

What is Pi Day?

I've seen posts about Pi Day all over my parenting forums today. I've never even heard the term.

So I decided to do some research.

According to Pi Day Dot Org

Pi, Greek letter, is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi = 3.1415926535... Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big News with Angry Toddler

When I went to pick up Angry Toddler last night, one of his teachers advised me to bring pull-ups today to school. She said, "He goes in the toilet every time, you should have done this weeks ago." Umm, ya, just tell me.

I discussed it with some friends, and alot of people are anti-pull-ups. But I'm not the one cleaning up his mistakes, his teachers are. If they want pull-ups, they get pull-ups.

He wore pull-ups all night last night and did great with the potty.

And just think, about 2 weeks ago, I was bitching about the price of diapers.

Spring Cleaning!

It was a beautiful day today, so I got some cleaning and organizing done.

First of all, my cleaning peeps came. Does that count as me cleaning? I mean cleaning got done, just because I didn't scrub the floors. I went through my closet and took out some of my old-too big clothes. I think did the big closet change over in Angry Toddler's closet. It's getting warmer here so I added in the shorts outfits.

and I got ALL, I mean ALL of our laundry done. I feel FAN-TAB-U-LOUS about that.

I also put some things up for sale on the forums. Yippee!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Alarm Clocks and my OCD Issues

I have a little bit of an OCD issue. Angry Husband knows this and it totally drives him crazy.

Since January, I have been working the day shift (Fri-Mon)from 6am to 4:30pm. Working this early, means I have to get up early. I'm not a morning person by nature. And I thought, I was an evening person. I think I've become a mid-day person, as in functioning from about 10am-10pm.

So my OCD has taken over with waking up. I do not trust my trusty alarm clock, so I start using my cellphone as an alarm also.

Well I freak in the middle of the night thinking that I am not going to wake up in time. I literally wake up every hour and check the time on my cellphone.

Angry Husband advised me this morning, to stop doing this. Because the little light on my cellphone display is very bright in our dark bedroom.

I can't help it, I have issues.

Spring Forward

Yep! This morning marked Daylight Savings for Spring of 2008. I usually love Daylight Savings, when I get used to it. I start work at 6am in the morning. When I go up this morning, I felt hung over and it was soo dark outside.

I'm adjusting though. I hope the Angry Toddler adjusts along with it. I think we are going to try and put him to bed really early tonight. We have been letting him sleep longer, which has greatly affected his behavior at school.

My boss also called to remind me to change all the clocks on my camera equipment. So I went through my two work cameras and adjusted the dates and times. We need accurate dating due to court.

I hope everyone has a good day today and you get to enjoy the extra daylight.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Awesome E-Mail this Morning

I got an e-mail from my tax guy, Tony, this morning. He was advising me that our taxes are finally done. We are getting back quite a large amount! It was 5:00am, and I was doing the happy dance.

You know I've been making lists all morning on what we are going to do with the money!!!

Now, I hope he e-files it ASAP so we can actually see the money in our account.

Oh, and I would love to thank Angry Toddler's expensive preschool, and our outrageous Southern California mortgage for this refund!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Gucci-Love You, Can't Afford You

Seriously, I think I get an e-mail from Gucci, at least once a week.

I own two things from them. My mom bought both of my purses. I can't afford to buy their purses.

Stop tempting me Gucci!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Vampire Toddler

I am usually funny and joyous on my blog. I discuss the interesting things that happen in my daily life. But the past two weeks have been a real downer in our house.

Angry Toddler is having some major issues at preschool right now. I'm sure I've discussed this before, but he's in a really really really bad biting phase right now. At first we thought it was his medicine, it got a little bit better after we stopped some of his medications. Then a few days later, the behavior returned.

Last Tuesday was the worst day he ever had at preschool. He bit 4 kids and hit one kid. Angry Husband picked him up at 5:30pm and the teacher advised him (AH) that he needed to meet with the Director of the school. AH met with the Director and she advised him that Angry Toddler was on the verge of getting kicked out of the school.

AH came home and told me about this. I was in total shock. I was determined to meet with the Director the following morning and discuss the FULL situation of what was going on. I met with HER (i.e. evil Director), and I was not pleased. The woman was very PC and kept saying we do this because of privacy, social services, etc. All I wanted to know is, if other kids were having issues? Was he biting the same kids every day? Is it a certain time frame? I got none of that from her. She made it out like we were bad parents and my child was the bad seed.

I left frustrated. AH and I discussed the situation. We love his school, AT loves his friends, so far everything was working out great in the situation. AT was on better behavior Wed, Thur, and Fri. We were pleasantly surprised. We rewarded AT with a special trip to Brats R' Us.

Well, today was a whole new ballgame. While, I was working, I received a call on my cellphone from Angry Toddler's teacher. She told me that he had bit a kid and asked if I could come and pick him up. I finished what I was doing, talked to my boss, and left work. I arrived at the preschool, in my work uniform. Nothing better than someone coming to a preschool 12 noon in a police uniform. Angry Toddler wanted a toy from another kid, so he bit the kid. This was the worst bite ever, he broke the skin and the kid was bleeding. Ugh, what a mess. I seriously don't know what is going on with AT.

We've tried everything at home with him. We've read him the books, we've talked to him. I still don't know why this biting is going on.

I called my mom, trying to vent, but she was no help. She said that she would watch AT on Mondays and Fridays. Seriously, there is no way she can physically handle him for that long. I would be even more stressed out at work. I tried to explain to her, that he responds better to the teachers, but something about not being able to express himself to the other kids at school.

I have discussed this with a few of my friends. After many phone conversations, I decided to make an appointment with the pediatrician. We need some outside advice on what to do, make even some references.

I know that I can find another school, switch him, etc. But in reality, I know that he will keep on biting kids. I can already instinctively feel this. I want to be able to resolved the problem effectively.

Luckily, I've been exercising quite a bit lately, which is relieving some of the added stress.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dora and Diego Can Babysit Anytime

I'm sitting here in our office on the laptop. Angry Toddler is out in the front room, watching Dora and Diego.

He is listening intensely to everything they say. You know when they ask you to say something, and they pause....Well Angry Toddler responds everytime.

The most recent is "waddle, waddle, waddle", "waddle like a penguin".

Wouldn't you know, the kid is walking with his feet wide apart and wadling.

Yes, he won't listen to us.

Bye Bye Stripes

So we have a 125 gallon saltwater fish tank in our dining room. The thing is huge. We have a little collection of fish. Angry Toddler has named them with cute names, simple for him to use.

We've noticed that one of our fish has not been cooperating lately. He's got a nasty attitude. He's been picking on the smaller fish, taking food from the other fish.

The last straw was Friday night. We brought home five small fish. I named them the Jackson 5, since they all looked similar. Stripes aka fish with a Bad Attitude, was chasing them around the tank like a shark. It freaked me out. These poor innocent fish being stalked by this Angry Fish. I told Angry Husband that Stripes had to go. Angry Husband tried for at least 30 minutes to get Stripes out of the tank. Angry Fish was smart and kept hiding from AH. Angry Husband finally gave up.

Yesterday, Angry Husband called me and he seemed very happy. He told me that he was able to get Stripes out of the tank. He had to empty out some of the water along with moving all the rocks around. He said that he had to use his bare hands to get him though. I met Angry Husband at the Fish store, where we took back Stripes.

Stripes was in his little holding cell tank when I got to the store. He still looked angry. We got a replacement for Stripes. Angry Toddler named him Bungee. Maybe, I can get a picture of Bungee later this week.

Dear babyGap Shopper

My friend and I were shopping at Gap at South Coast Plaza yesterday. We were in the toddler boy's section. You were trying on some pants on your cute little son.

While you were bending over, we saw your t-back thong underwear, along with your butt crack.

We had just eaten lunch. Seriously, this is something people don't like to see.

Can you make sure you put on the proper underwear with your pants in the future.

Thanks Much...another babyGap Shopper.
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