Monday, September 10, 2007

Doodle Bugs Paper

My friend Londie is a shopping fanatic like me. She is one of my online gal pals, and it's probably a good thing she doesn't live closer. She has introduced me to all kinds of new places to shop at. She has also enabled my e-bay addiction even more.

Around this time last year, Londie turned me onto Doodle Bugs Paper. The owner of Doodle Bugs is Kacey. Let me tell ya, Kacey does some awesome work. I'm turned several friends onto her site since then.

I think Doodle Bugs is my new official place for gifts. I mean come'on, every gal loves personalized stationary, right?

You gotta check out her site. She has some awesome things up there for Halloween and the Harvest Season. She will be putting out her Holiday things soon.

Doodle Bugs Paper


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