Saturday, September 01, 2007

September 1st

Today is September 1st. For some people it means the end of summer. Some kids have already gone back to school, some start this week. I wish the weather around here would realize that. It's been soo hot and muggy this week. I mean really, I like the heat, not this kinda heat. I prefer the Vegas-style dry heat.

I'm supposed to be starting a diet this week. I figured it would be a good time to start. The small child is starting preschool full-time on Tuesday. Our poor checkbook! But that means I will have more free time on my days off. So Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays, my butt will be in the gym.

I'm on a message forum and we are doing a mini Biggest Loser contest. We are all chipping in funds for prizes and such. I think we are going to do it for 8 weeks or so. I think we are starting the 4th.

I hope soo because that chocolate donut I just ate here at work, is not good for the diet. Blech, why do I eat this crap? These damn people at work, always leave food around. It's like, eat me, I'm free....please eat me!!! I need to restrain myself from doing that. I'm going to nights soon, which should help me eat alot better. I won't be eating 2 meals out of my day at work, breakfast and lunch. This should also help the bank account..

I hope it's not too hot today. I'm sooo tired and the heat as another factor would not be good. The husband feed the child hot dogs last night. I think he did not digest the hot dogs well and was sick all night. My poor baby.

Ok, I better work some. Must earn my money!


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