Monday, December 31, 2007

Toilet Fishing

Nope. It's not a new sport. It's what I just did in my house!

Angry Husband has gotten fairly lazy recently about the child proofing. He leaves our bedroom door unlocked, thinking Angry Toddler will think it's locked and not go in there.

I didn't see Angry Toddler anywhere. I asked AH where is Caden. He said "I don't know". Seriously how can you lose a 2 year old in a 1200 sq foot house? So I hear him in our bathroom, which he is not supposed to be in.

The kid has AH's flashlight in his hand standing over the toilet. I look in the toilet and see a glimmer of metal. I pull up my shirt sleeve and reach in. Argh, a Hot Wheels. While my hand is in there, I feel more. I pulled out 7 Hot Wheels and our metal sliding glass door lock.

I'm yelling! Why did you leave the bedroom door open. AH says, "Oh I did?"

As I was washing off toilet funk, Caden's Christmas cars. I swear Hot Wheels are going to be the death of me. Oh, and the day after Christmas, I caught AT throwing Hot Wheels into our 125 Gallon fish tank. Trying sticking you're hand in that! Ugh!!!

Maybe it's not a bad thing that I work tonight. Seriously, dealing with criminals is sometimes better than dealing with a toddler.

The Aftermath

Well for me, the Holiday Season is officially over. I'm so glad, really I am.

Last week, Caden came home from school with a slight runny nose. Uh oh, the sickies have come home for the Holidays. Saturday night before Christmas, boom, he had another febrile seizure. The kid's temperature was 104 when we took it. Where do these fevers come from? I swear the kid can't regulate his body temps. So we drag him the ER, to get him checked out. They run a ton of tests, doing a breathing treatment (he was kinda wheezy), and send us on home.

Throughout the next two days, we battled his fever. Seriously, I think we went through 4 bottles of Motrin and Tylenol. Finally on Monday, I took him to the Dr. She diagnosed him with yet, another, ear infection, and sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics. We gave him the antibiotics and they stopped the fevers.

We went to a family friend's house for Christmas Eve and Angry Husband's Birthday. It was a great time. Caden loved playing with my friend's kids, whom are 5 and 8. We then went home and anticipated the arrived of SANTA!

Santa came and all the goodness that comes along with Santa. Caden came out of his room on Christmas morning, and was quite delighted. He unwrapped all of his presents, yet kept asking for "more presents peas"! Thankfully, my parents showed up a few hours later with some more goodies for him.

Angry Husband and I unwrapped some gifts from my parents. I got a new Louis Vuitton make-up bag (yippee), some pajamas, and some perfume. Angry Husband got a HUGE gift certificate to the local fish store, and some Bettie Page collectible crap. He loves Bettie Page. I will NEVER be Bettie Page.

Caden seemed to get sicker on Christmas Eve, Caden's sickness was up and down. He was really weak still and all of the excitement wore him out. He took 2 naps that day.

We had a great dinner of turkey, stuffed, mashed potatoes, and some salad. Poor Caden missed dinner cause he was taking one of his naps.

Since Christmas, we've been trying to organize the house. We keep stepping on little Hot Wheels and Cars toys. Ouch, those little Cars hurt!

Mike and I hit the after-Christmas Target extravaganza. Mike went a little overboard on the lights. I'm sure you will be able to see our house from space next year.

I've been a really bad blogger lately. I will and try to blog more in the upcoming year. It's been soo hectic with work, preschool, holiday shopping, food, sickness, cleaning, and sleeping! I will do another post later and include some Holiday pictures!

Monday, December 24, 2007

101 Things About Me

1. I met my husband at a bar. It was actually an eighteen and over club. It was the day after, I got my walking brace off from breaking my leg.
2. We've been married for 9 years.
3. We have one child. I’m an only child, and my mother is an only child.
4. I have two degrees. One is a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and the other is a Masters in Forensic Science.
5. I actually work in a job field that is actually related to my degrees.
6. I was in a sorority in college. I went alumna from that sorority, because of mandatory house move-ins., and the fact that I don’t like to share.
7. I once tried to join the Navy as an Officer. But the written test was all about the aviation part, which I had no clue on. I decided not to join, also, because I wanted to get Lasik.
8. I had Lasik eye surgery in 1999. I now wear glasses again at night. It’s really hard for me to read street signs in the dark.
9. I've had plastic surgery. I’ve reduced things, not added on.
10. I do not like to cook. Ok, so I don’t know how to cook much.
11. I drove a Mercedes for three years. I gave it up this year for my Tahoe, which is a lot more practical.
12. I love reading chick lit books. I read at least one book a week.
13. I have one tattoo. It’s the word “Justice” written in Kanji on my upper back, below my neck.
14. I have an addiction to shopping at Target. I go there at least 2-3 times a week.
15. I hate mayonnaise with a very strong passion. My husband thinks this is funny and always tells me that he ordered extra mayonnaise on my food.
16. BBQ sauce is my favorite condiment. I could put it on almost everything.
17. I live in a one story house. We’ve lived here for two years. This is the longest we’ve lived anywhere since we’ve been married.
18. I have two dogs. They are both Chihuahua mixes. The dogs, like my son, refuse to be potty trained. Unfortunately, I can’t put a toddler in the garage.
19. Ice Tea is my favorite drink. My husband thinks it’s absolutely disgusting and makes gagging faces when he accidentally drinks it sometimes.
20. I gave up drinking soda October 1, 2007. It used to be my favorite drink. I have only cheated once. I had a small one in Vegas. It tasted really nasty.
21. I do not like to clean. I have someone come and clean my house every other week. While I sit on the Internet and lurk.
22. My son has more clothes in his closet than my husband and I combined. Ok, maybe my whole neighborhood. Seriously, I have a problem. I’ve stopped, but Grandma hasn’t learned. It’s not my money.
23. I don't eat anything that once "swam", i.e. fish, seafood
24. I'm a very picky eater. Like you can’t tell.
25. I love reality shows on MTV. The Hills and Laguna Beach are some of my faves!
26. My favorite TV shows are Little People, Big World and Private Practice.
27. I hate Sci-Fi shows and movie. Sci-Fi is my husband's favorite type of show.
28. I have two DVR's in my house. The husband and I each have our own.
29. I love to throw away and shred things. Of course, this has backfired. I have thrown away some important papers and a bunch of my son’s professional baby pictures.
30. I hate my neighbors. We literally have no “cool” neighbors to hang out with or talk to.
31. I grind my teeth at night. I wear a mouth guard because of my grinding. I've had 5 root canals because of my grinding.
32. I've been highlighting/coloring my hair since I was in 5th grade. I have no clue on what my natural hair color is.
33. I go to Disneyland at least once a month. I have a Season Pass.
34. I have been to the movies since December of 2006.
35. My first concert without my parents was Ozzy Osbourne. I got hit in the eye at that concert by a drunk person, who swung at the person behind him, missed, and hit me.
36. My first concert that my mom went to with me, Metallica. I've seen Metallica in concert about ten times.
37. My favorite book is Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. I read Gone with the Wind for the first time in sixth grade. I've re-read it about six times.
38. I always carry a Designer purse. I have a small obsession with purses.
39. I also have a little obsession with Louis Vuitton.
40. I wear a uniform for work. Almost every job I worked, I’ve had a name tag or uniform.
41. My first car was a 1966 Mustang. My parents still own the car.
42. I'm a registered Republican. My friend told me recently that I am not a Republican and that she wouldn't be friends with a Republican.
43. I don't like coffee. Yet, I like going to Starbucks.
44. I’ve met some of my best friends on the Internet. I met one of my first Internet friends in a chatroom on AOL in 1996.
45. My favorite movie is GI Jane. Everytime I watch it, it makes me want to work out
46. I love sleeping. I could sleep 20 out of 24 hours in the day.
47. Like my son, I have my own blankie. It's green and white. I can't sleep without it. Caden calls it, "Mama Blankie".
48. I almost spelled my son's name "Kaden", instead of "Caden". But I did a poll at work and everyone said that "Kaden", sounded more like a girl's name.
49. My girl name for him was Tabitha Jayne. The Tabitha part was from the Soap Opera "Passions". Jayne is my mother's middle name.
50. I have personalized "vanity" license plates on my car. My nickname is what is personalized on them.
51. My favorite restaurant is Lucille's BBQ. It just opened near us at the end of the summer. It is quite yummy, but expensive.
52. I have worked three different jobs for the same employer. I've worked here over 10 years.
53. My co-workers are like one big dysfunctional family.
54. I don't know what my favorite color is. It used to be purple, but I change my mind alot.
54. My signature perfume is Calvin Klein Escape. I've been wearing it since college.
55. The High School I went to, is an actual TV show on MTV. And yes, that city is pretty much like that in real life.
56. I work in the city I grew up in.
57. I've gone to public school my entire life. The only private school that I've ever attended is where I got my Master's Degree. Does that count?
58. I listen to a variety of music. But really, Hip Hop is my favorite. Rap is second.
59. I have 2 cats, but they are at my mom's. They've lived there since 2002. I'm highly allergic to them now.
60. I don't iron clothes. I take them to the dry cleaners. Or I have my friend come over and iron.
61. I have blond hair right now. My hair has also been red. I love the red, but it's hard to keep up.
62. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
63. I had to take Clomid to get pregnant. I got pregnant on the last month I could take it.
64. I delivered my son via c-section. He was breech.
65. My son was 4 weeks early, because I needed to have Gallbladder surgery.
66. I hate the tv show "Southpark". I used to like it, but now I find it offensive.
67. My first real job was when I was 14, at a fast food place called "Panda Express"
68. I used to collect little mouse figures called "Charming Tails". But then I stopped suddenly and sold them all on e-bay.
69. I am really bad at doing finances. Yet, I'm in charge of doing them. The husband and I are both spenders.
70. I love my cellphone. It's an LG enV by Verizon. If someone asked me if I wanted a new cellphone, I would just ask for a brand new enV.
71. I started playing softball in fifth grade. I played until I was a sophomore in high school. I have a softball player's body still.
72. I love getting mail. I think the UPS and Fed Ex peeps are my heroes right now.
73. I'm totally non-confrontational, yet I have a big mouth.
74. I saw Britney Spears in concert in 2002. I bought the tickets last minute off of e-bay.
75. I have a total obsession with e-bay.
76. I went to elementary school with "Fergie". We were in Girl Scouts together.
77. I live 10 minutes from my parents. Yet, I would like to move out of state.
78. I was a psychology major going into college. I wanted to study abnormal personalities. I changed my major after my first year because it was impacted.
79. My favorite kind of make-up is Bobbi Brown. Not that I ever wear it. I have a ton of really nice make-up that never gets worn.
80. I refer to Emily Post's Etiquette, almost weekly. I have friends who call me to ask the golden question, "What is the rule for this XYZ"?
81. I love to give advice. I hate to receive advice. I need to work on this.
82. My favorite shoes are my Birkenstocks. I've had about 10 pairs since I was 12. They last a really long time. I'm sad though, because my current broken in pair is missing a mate. I think Angry Toddler did something with my shoe.
83. I hate wearing socks. It's a good thing that I live in Southern California and it's not freezing cold all year long.
84. My favorite department store to shop at is Nordstrom. Several of the employees know me there. I don't know if that's a good thing.
85. I've had two Palm Pilots. I'm back to using a traditional planner. I like to write my dates and notes in there. I had issues with actually charging and using my Palms.
86. My hair is quite short right now. I would love to grow it out long, but I don't have the patience. I almost considered getting extensions once to take care of the grow out phase, but ended up cutting my hair even shorter.
87. I love taking baths. I haven't taken a bath at home in over 2 years. Angry Toddler's bathroom is the only one with a bath tub. The tub is super tiny and not comfortable at all.
88. I don't like sandwiches. I think alot of it has to deal with my dislike for mayonnaise. Angry Husband suggested getting sandwiches for dinner the other night, and I finally said, you know what? I really don't like sandwiches.
89. I secretly despise people who live near Sonic Drive-In. I tried it while I was visiting a friend and Texas, and now I'm hooked. Our closest one is over 30 minutes away, and it sucks.
90. I leave out words when I type out or write things. I have to go back and check things several times because of this. Yet, I can easily find grammar mistakes in other people's documents.
91. I subscribe to several magazines. I love to read about new things.
92. I'm called several different names by different people. My names/nicknames are as follows: Julie, Jules, Hula, and one of my most favorites, ha Mary Sunshine.
93. I like things my way. I need to learn to accept that my husband also has his opinion of things.
94. I hope that my son doesn't turn out like me, medical wise. I had childhood asthma almost all of my youth. My son had his first attack at 16 months. I don't want him to spend all his vacations in the hospital doing breathing treatments.
95. I want my son to play organized sports. I've already researched when he can start baseball. The kid isn't even potty trained.
96. My son is in preschool five days a week. It's not because we need daycare, it's because I need a break and sometimes he gives me anxiety.
97. It is officially my husband's birthday. I feel bad for him that his birthday is on Christmas Eve. I'm sure that it sucked when he was younger.
98. I curse like a sailor. I try and behave myself when I'm on the Internet. My mouth is terrible in real life.
99. I love reading people's blogs. It gives me a little piece of their lives. I enjoy relating to other parent's and people. I sometimes say out loud he/she is just like me.
100. It took me almost ten days to type this blog post.
101. Merry Christmas Eve!!!! Thanks for Reading Angry Julie Monday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ick, Flu...and some shopping

So the entire family was sick all weekend long with the flu. Angry Husband and I both missed two days of work because of it. I swear, I haven't been this sick in a very long time. The only good thing about being sick was, I gotta lots of sleep, and I lost some weight.

But today is a new day and I'm feeling alot better. Angry Husband is at work, and Angry Toddler is at preschool. I took the dogs to the groomer. Actually, I walked the dogs to the groomer, because they were soo stinky, I wouldn't even put them in the husband's man vehicle. Then I stopped for bagel McDonald's, to have some breakfast. I walked my butt home after that.

Then I proceeded to catch up on all my blog and forum reading. Big mistake!!! I should have stayed away a couple of days longer. Three hours later, I had placed orders with Pottery Barn Kids, Williams Sonoma, Amazon, and Franklin Mint. There are all kinds of good deals out there, with codes, rebates, and such.

I went and picked up the doggies. They smell soo pretty now. I actually allowed them to get into the man vehicle. I think Angry Husband knew I was going to drive it today, because I did not see any fast food wrappers in the backseat like usual.

When I finally got time to relax, I sat down and watched The Hills. It was a lovely episode. I hope Heidi and Spencer stay broken up. I loathe those two. I know everyone wants Lauren to be with Brody. But I think he's just out for the media attention. Do Spencer and Brody even have jobs? What do they do all day?

Well, I am about done with blogging for the moment. This is my 100th blog post! Yippee!!

I'm working on my next post, which will be 101 Things about Me. As soon as I find 101 Interesting Things, I will post it!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Britax Marathon

How I love you so much most days. You keep my son safe when we are driving.

But, today, Mr. Marathon, you are on my list. Angry Toddler puked all over you. Why must you consist of soo many pieces to take apart, when you need to be washed.

Friday, December 07, 2007

December: The Month of Red

So one of my favorite blogs is 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic. She has great beauty product tips.

This month she is highlighting red nail polish. I thought I would join in on the fun.

I went and got a pedicure the other day. Angry Julie does not paint her own toes. That would make a huge mess. I did have my toes painted with OPI The Thrill of Brazil. It had been awhile since I've had a pedicure. But boy, I needed it.

I'm including a photo of my toes. I have short Flintstone feet, so no comments about my ugly toes.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Secret Santa-ism

It's the time of year for gift giving.

Angry Julie loves to participate in the Spirit of Christmas and all this gift giving. I'm on several message forums. Going along with these forums, are several types of Secret Santa events. Silly me, has four people to buy for. I have a problem of taking too much on.

So I went shopping today. I really need to get all of these things in the mail. I'm sure with the weather acting up all over the U.S., it's going to slow the mail down. I of course, over spent, yet again. I'm such a perfectionist. I make a list, I really try to stick to it, but I never do.

For example, I'm participating in an ornament exchange. We are supposed to buy one ornament. Do I buy one? No, I buy two, plus candy. That's how I roll. Then, I have to wrap them all cute. Plus, I need to add in one of my personalized cards with a little note. This is how it begins, with one little ornament.\

Then Angry Husband is participating in a Secret Santa, on his Saltwater Fish Forum. He actually went and bought the gift himself. I was very proud of him. But then, I have to step in and take over. I asked him last night, "Oh, do you want me to wrap it up and package it to mail tommorrow?" He gave me that look, the "why are you taking over my project", look~ So I'm sitting here, looking at his Secret Santa gift right now. I think I'm going to wrap it anyway. He can sign the card, right?

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their Secret Santa goodies from me. I went totally overboard. Why can't I follow the simple rules? The funny thing is, I'm in charge of one of the ornament exchanges. I made the rules, which I can't even follow properly.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dry Nail Applique

My friend Lindsay, told me about this product recently. It's a Dry Nail Applique. It's nail polish, but not the wet kind. It's really kewl.

Unfortunately, I can't use it on my nails, because I have a permanent crack on my right hand. I slammed my hand in a car door when I was 13. The only time my nails look good is if I have acrylics.

So Lindsay purchased this kit at her local Walgreens, for $3.99 on sale.

Lindsay sent me a pic of her hand after 48 hours. She is amazed by this. I told her I would blog about it, why?, because I can. I really want to try if, but unfortunately my jacked up nails won't let me.

Disclaimer: The company didn't pay me to advertise this, I just thought it was cool and wanted to get the word out to my mommy blogger pals.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Countdown

Get a Christmas Countdown for your page!

This means that I have this many days left to shop.

What Santa's Reindeer Am I?

You Are Dancer

Carefree and fun, you always find reasons to do a happy dance.

Why You're Naughty: That dark stint you had as Santa's private dancer.

Why You're Nice: You're friendly. Very friendly.

I swear people, I did not fix this. I just filled out the little questionaire thingy. I mean really, wow, it's soo true. I am a Dancer. Wink Wink!

Monday, December 03, 2007

My Person of the Week: Co-worker Jen

I would like to give a shout out to my co-worker, Jen. I came into work today and was pleasantly surprised. Jen signed up to work Christmas Eve night for me. Yay Jen!

Jen also bought me a drink last week when we were out and about.

I'm including this pic of Jen, that I stole from her MySpace account. This is one of the last few pictures taken of her as a blond last year. She realized that being a brunette was not for her today. She will be going back to the old-Jen at the beginning of 2008!

Thank You Jen!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another Note to Self

When purchasing next couch for the family room in the house, here are a few tips:

1. Don't buy ginormous couch that fit perfectly in your much bigger house, and had to be cut down for newer tiny house.

2. Don't get couch covered in chenille fabric,it does this weird fading thing, and you have to rub it and move around the fabric, otherwise it gets a shiny appearance.

3. Don't get couch stuffed with down feathers, because 3 years later; the feathers are sticking out of the chenille and are all over the family room.

Things I realize after kid puked on couch 3 times last night, when I was at work. Things I realize when this morning, I go into the garage and see three cushions, with no covers on. Things I realize when I see cushion covers in washing machine.

P.S. Now my garage stinks like kid puke.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Come Meet the Fishies!

I haven't updated you all in awhile about the Great American Fish Tank Build. It's taken some time, but it's coming together. We moved all of our smaller fishes to the bigger tank. We moved our smaller fish tank out of the kitchen, so now we have a usable kitchen counter back. We have added some new additions to the big tank, so let's meet them. Oh, and Angry Toddler named all the fish.




Rainy Day

I guess I wasn't paying attention to the news this week. But the forcast was heavy rain. Thank goodness the roofers completed most of our roof. I went out on Thursday night with some friends. It started to rain on my way home.

We woke up to a stream of steady rain at our house on Friday morning. The husband made sure we got up and motivated, otherwise the rain would make us even more sleepy than we already were.

We actually accomplished alot. We took Angry Toddler to preschool. Then we went to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. While we were at breakfast, we made a grocery list. Funny thing is, we never used the list when we got to the grocery store.

We then went to the grocery store, oh $200 and some change later. By then it was pouring down. We put all the food in the car and went home. We unloaded all the groceries onto our tiny kitchen floor. Meanwhile, we went through the cupboards. We probably got rid of over a $100 worth of food. Then we packed all the new food back in the fridge.

After Costco opened up, we went there. We paced around the warehouse, looking at all their goodies. They had all kinds of really neat things for the Holidays. Unfortunately, we can't have too many decorations in our house, cause Angry Toddler would destroy them. We then left Costco after spending around $160. It was still raining when we left Costco, so we hopped back in the car and went home.

Oh my gosh, I could barely keep my eyes open. But then AH checked the mail and this was in the mail. A brand new Wii game, Carnival. Oh, and yes, the Wii is somehow now working... We played the Carnival game. It was pretty fun.

And then I went to work. Where it continued to rain all night long....
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