Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Aquapod

My goal is to out-do myself every year on Angry Husband's Father's Day gift. Last year, I did a photo montage with Angry Toddler. I got the idea from one of my many mommy forums. It had five photographs, each with a picture of Angry Toddler holding a letter, spelling out D-A-D-D-Y. I was quite precious. I look at it every day when I walk by our bedroom door.

Angry Husband has been bugging me for a very long time about getting an aquarium. Heck, what the hell do I know about fish and aquariums. I had a goldfish once, it came from the Fair, and lived like 3 years. Angry Husband wants one of those 150-gallon huge-o things. All I cna imagine is Angry Toddler, getting into it, and 150 gallons of saltwater on a our distressed-highly-expensive, wood floors. You get the picture. If you know my child, you know what I mean.

So my friend Kim, tells me a couple of weeks ago, she got this 6-gallon Nano Pod aquarium thingy. She says that she wants to raise seahorses. So she shows me this aquarium-fish tank thing online.

I had a moment...

Oh, this is what I could get Angry Husband for Father's Day. An itty-bitty practice/starter aquarium. Perfect!!!!

So I go and buy this AquaPod, all 12 gallons of it. Kim said I should go bigger than the 6-gallon she bought. I go to my local fish guy.

I posted a photo above of what the final result looks like. No, this is not our tank.

Angry Husband loved the tank.

We are now in the process of letting the tank cure. It has live rock, live sand, and salt water in it. No fish, no coral, no crabs....

I hope this works for us. I don't want to sit and watch all our little fishies die. That would be soo traumatic for Angry Toddler and I. Poor Angry Toddler keeps asking everyday, "Where's the fish?".

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nosey People

People are soo nosey these days.....why is that? I mean I'm nosey, but it's genetic...

Today, I was working. I was sitting in the work vehicle, minding my own business, reading a book on my lunch. A random guy approaches, I swear I did not make any eye contact with this idiot. He says, "Oh, I see you like to read. I wrote a book." Than he proceeds to hand me a piece of paper with the book title and website on a Starbucks receipt? Did I look like I wanted to be bothered??

My neighborhood....I swear is full of nosey people. We live on the corner, across from a park. I swear, every friggin time we have our garage open...people drive really really really slow and rubberneck. They almost get into accidents trying to look into our garage. I mean it's not like we have a science experiment going on? We have my truck, some cabinets, and the treadmill (aka clothesrack)....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Post #1.......The Virgin Post

I started this blog, because I wanted a place to vent my frustrations in life... I guess this is an online diary. I will be posting pictures, thoughts, links, and other things going on in my life... Mostly, I will be venting and giving comic relief to all.

So sit back, and enjoy reading...
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