Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Haircut

So we (Angry Husband and myself) decide that Angry Toddler needs a haircut. I call our local kid's haircutting place. This is the place we've always gone to. We secure an appointment at 12pm. The place has moved a little farther so I told AH that we need to leave a little sooner than usual.

We are still trying to figure out why the place moved from the convenient mall location to this harder to find location near the beach with no parking.

We get there and park our car. AH walks in and already gets an annoyed look on his face. He gets the feeling that something is not quite right. We tell the receptionist that our appt is 12pm, it's not 12 exactly. She told me that someone was just finishing up and would be right with us. There are two stylists and they both had kids in the chairs (airplanes).

The one lady is finishing up with a little boy. She is just finishing up with a little gel and then the mom speaks. Umm, can I get a little trim also? What the heck, chick, you want to get your hair trimmed at the kid's place? Umm, people are waiting. People whom have an angry toddler who won't sit still. Soo greedy stylist agrees to cut this woman's hair. And this was not a trim, this chick wanted layers and everything!!! Angry Husband got that annoyed, let's leave look on his face.

So we patiently wait for second chick. She is finishing cutting a little girl's hair,then she proceeds to put the girl's hair in pigtails, which were very cute.

So finally at 12:30, we plop AT down in second stylist's airplane chair. The husband attempts to tell her how we want our son's haircut. An experienced stylist would understand what my husband was trying to tell them. This chick looked at my husband like he was speaking a foreign language. And this is what he said, can we use a 1 in the back (clippers with a big guard), and fade up the back to a 3 (bigger guard), then use scissors on the top to thin it out. It's really really really easy to do.

Well the chick started throwing baby powder all over AT's shoulders (we had removed his shirt, cause he hates the smock thingy). Then she grabs the clippers and starts randomly cutting my son's hair. The way she was cutting it made no sense at all. She finally finished with the scissors on top. This was the crappiest haircut I have ever seen my son get. Then, I can't believe it, I actually went and paid $20 for this mess.

The mommy whom was getting her haircut was still there after we left.

Angry Husband got in the car and looked at me, and said, "What kind of haircut was that?" I said, I know, two more weeks and he's going to need it cut again. This kid can usually go 6-8 weeks. AH also said, PLEASE find another place to get his haircut, we are NOT going back there....

So the moral of the story is; Why would any woman in her 30's want to get her hair butchered by these clowns who can't even cut a 2 year old boy's hair?


  1. I feel your pain !!! I WILL NOT take Rae and Ry to get cuts w/out appointments. I am laughing at the lady getting a cut. That reminds me...I need to schedule at apt. for the kids on Saturday. I am going out of town and DH can deal with it... evil laugh !!!

  2. That's even worse than the vet who wanted me to bring in my dog (with my very own crazy 16 month old) the other day for a "walk-in" appointment.

    Walk-in=wait a lot. With a toddler.

    It's exciting, isn't it?

  3. I'm dying to know... Did she sit in the airplane?

    Because THAT is a funny mental picture right there.

  4. That would have been true comedy if she would have had to sit in the airplane.


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