Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where Were You?

This is a special day for Americans. It is September 11th. Six years ago, I woke up at my friend's house in Weatherford, Texas. I turned on the local news and saw buildings with smoke coming out of them. I did not think anything about this at the time. I then turned on another channel and noticed the same news footage. I then realized that something major must be going on.

I was still a little sleepy as I was adjusting from the time change. I was at my friend, Susan's house, and was set to leave the next day. I called her out from her bedroom to come watch the news footage. I finally woke up some more and paid attention to the news reporters. They said that a plane had crashed into a tower at the World Trade Center. I really did not know what the World Trade Center was? I was 25 years old at the time and had lived in California all my life. I did not realize the significance of what had happened. We continued to watch the news and I finally realized how "big" this really was. I picked up the telephone and called my husband in California. I told him to go turn on the news.

He went and got my mom, we were living with the parents at the time, and told her to turn on the television. They were both in shock also.

My friend Susan and I left the next day to drive to California. We had her daughter also with us. We drove the entire way through New Mexico, Arizona, and California listening to NPR and the updates. The end of our voyage was in San Diego, California. My personal voyage ended at the gate of a U.S. Navy base. Susan's husband was in the Navy, and we drove to San Diego so she could meet up with him. I was going to stay with them that night at the military hotel and then my husband would come and pick me up. Well the base was on full alert, so they would not let little Miss Civilian on. I even tried to show them my Police Id. It was not negotiable. So Susan had to drive me to my parents house, late the night, after we had driven all night long...

As the days passed, more people were found. I realized what a great tragedy this was for our Nation. I will always remember where I was this day. Like I'm sure my mom will remember where she was when Kennedy was shot.

I'm thankful for everything I have. I am secretly glad that I am not at work today. The Fire Peeps are very somber today and I understand, but it is indeed sad.

So I will give my son, who was not born until 4 years later, a hug and think of the people who lost their loved ones.

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