Saturday, September 22, 2007

My New Pretty!!

I went shopping with my mom and Angry Toddler today. AT has not been cooperating the past few months when I take him to the mall. He gets very angry. So I take AT out of the car and attempt to shove him in the stroller. He screams, NOOO, Walk!!! I say, No!! So my mom and I manage to shove him into the stroller and buckle him in. He then tries to escape. I shove two suckers in my hand. Ahhh, AT is Happy Toddler now.

We all shopped for about two hours. I ventured in Coach. I saw this purse online the other night and became fixated on it. I knew my mom had a 25% coupon for Coach that expires tommorrow.

Like I spoiled brat, I begged. She gave in and got me the purse as an early birthday present. My birthday is in November, remember that, people!

So anyway, check out my new Coach Legacy Shoulder Flap Purse in Black Leather. I love the print on the inside too. I can't wait to put all my goodies in it!

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  1. you didn't even say that you ran into people you knew at the mall ;) and from your old purse you whipped out an business card of your husbands...lmao


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