Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's a medical day for us AGAIN!

So Angry Toddler is indeed sick. He was diagnosed with an ear infection again and some upper respiratory junkola. They doped him up with antibiotics, oral steroids, and a breathing treatment. He crashed early last night and sleep through to the morning.

He woke up, bright and early, with lots of energy. Unfortunately, I had to give him another breathing treatment at home, which made him extremely hyper. So from 10am-12noon, AT went through a total steroid rage. With all these drugs in him, he went friggin crazy. OMG he was mean, hitting, scratching, and biting. My friend Stacey came over with her daughter to entertain for a bit, Angry Toddler behaved then.

When Stacey was gonna leave, I said, yea, I need to go to the post office and stuff. So I opened the door to the garage to put AT in the car. AT ran from me, and was hiding behind the car. I went to run after and slipped on our garage stairs, then I tripped on a rug below our stairs, and then I ended up on the ground. Poor Stacey had to help me up. All I was doing was screaming, "Umm, I think I broken my f-ing ankle". I limped back into the house.

I sat there for awhile and felt like I could move a bit better. Stacey put AT in his carseat and buckled him in. I went to the post office, and bank. My ankle hurt a little, but I dealt with it.

So, it's 4:30PM now, and my ankle is killing me!!!! As soon as Angry Husband gets home from work, I'm going to the Urgent Care to get my ankle looked at. I hope nothing major is wrong with it.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random Day

Angry Toddler went to preschool today. He had sort of a cough. I should have known that was just the beginning........

I went to the mall and did some returns at Gap. I cleaned out AT's closet and there was some stuff, he had not worn yet, which fell under their 90 day return policy so it went back. I tried on the Coach shoes that I posted about. Thank God! I didn't like them. I put them on and my feet keep slipping out of them. OMG, and the worse part of all, I had major toe cleavage hanging out. Even the store manager said, "Oh yea those shoes don't look too good on us people with Flintstone feet." Seriously, I know that i have Flintstone feet, I don't need a damn retail store employee to tell me so.

Then I came home and sat on the couch......bored...bored...bored...

I actually called Angry Husband and asked him when he was coming home. He said, 20 minutes. I said oh shit. He said why? I said cause I gotta pick up the house and make it look like I did something today. I never got off the couch...

We went and picked up AT from preschool. The teacher's assistant say, "Ohh he's very sick mom." GREEEEEAAAATTTTT!!! What does this mean for me? Dr.'s appointments, ear infections, breathing treatments, the whole enchalada......

We got AT some dinner and then went home. Then I make my grand announcement. "I'm going to the mall with my mom". Angry Husband does not know that I spent the whole day at the mall already. I was casually grazing the merchandise to pre-select my goodies! AH gave me that look and said bye bye!

I came home from the mall about 2 hours later, and what do I see? Angry Toddler is standing on his PBK rocking horse, trying to get some crayons out of baby gated kitchen. I look at the husband and say, "Do you know what you're child is doing?" AH answers, ohhh, he wasn't there like 5 minutes ago.

I also came home to some tasty Net drama....and here I am, sitting at this desk, why? Cause there's a coughing 2 year old in my bed!!!!!

P.S. My e-bay auctions kicked ass and almost everyone has paid!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Urban Cougar

So I learned this term for the very first time, while watching The Real Housewives of the OC.

I had no clue until Quinn Fry talked about it. She was talking about how she dates younger men. Well I had to Google "Urban Cougar" to get the definition cause I'm snart like that. I found this definition at Urban Dictionary dot Com.

(see also hunt, prowl, corner, pounce). Noun. A 35+ year old female who is on the "hunt" for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male. The cougar can frequently be seen in a padded bra, cleavage exposed, propped up against a swanky bar in San Francisco (or other cities)waiting, watching, calculating; gearing up to sink her claws into an innocent young and strapping buck who happens to cross her path. "Man is cougar's number one prey"

Millions of them. More famously, Demi and Ashton, Naomi Watts and Heath Ledger, Joan Collins and her hubby, Cameron and Justin, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.

Then my mom told me about a family friend. Names changed to protect the innocent. She said, "Julie, Did you know that Jane is an Urban Cougar?" I almost lost it. I literally spit my drink out. I said, "Mom, where did you hear that word." Oh, Jane's mother got the term from, where of course, The Real Housewives of the OC.

Gotta love how this show is coming into our daily lives here in Orange County.

So the husband calls me today. He is a professional home theater installer. He tells me that he won't be home early, cause he needs to go near Coto aka Cota de Caza. I said, "Oh, are you going to go pick up yourself a real housewife?" He replies, "No duh, I'm going to get me a cougar".

I replied with a growl....

Friday, January 25, 2008

OMG I'm in love

Coach just came out with some new goodies!!!

I'm in love, all over again!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shameless Spam aka E-Bay

I am sorry that I've been neglecting my blogging friends. I have been working on a project. It's a special project that I do twice a year. I've listed my son's Spring/Summer clothing on e-bay.

By doing this, it helps me support my shopping habit. So if you have a son who wears an 18/24 or 2T, click on the linkee below....

Angry Julie Monday's Auctions

I will back to my regular blogging within the next few days, after I'm done stalking my auctions....

I'm also on vacation, so maybe I can think of some things to blog about too.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Where is it?

At least once a day, I receive this phone call from my busband, "Where is this particular item?"

Today, I received two of those calls while I was at work.

Question 1. Where is a thumb drive? Do you have a thumb drive?
Answer 1. Check the desk drawer or the linen closet in our bathroom.
Reply 1. It's not in the linen closet. Oh wait, here's one in the office desk. Oh, but's it's only 256 mb.
Answer 2. Sorry, but that's all I have. Stacey has my other one.

Ten minutes later.
Question 2. Have you seen my flashlight?
Answer 1. No. Why would i know where it is. Why don't you ask Caden.
Reply 1. What am I going to call his preschool and ask to speak to him. Hello, "Can I speak to Caden." "Hey bubba, where is my flashlight".
Answer 2. Check in the toybox.

Why am I expected to know where everything is in my house? Yes, most of the time, I do know where things are when he calls me. But seriously, I'm at work.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pink Eye

Seriously, I'm sooo tired of going to the pediatrician's office. It's a good thing that I like everyone there.

So Angry Husband brought home Angry Toddler from preschool last night. AH was like, "Umm Caden's teacher spoke to me and thinks that he has an eye infection or pink eye". I said oh. Then AH said, "Yea, he told his teacher his eye hurt and asked for an ice pack". I look at AT and see that his left eye is a little red.

So I immediately call the doctor's office before they close for the night. I get an appointment at 8am.

Angry Toddler woke up with his eye swollen shut. His eyelashes were all stuck together and crusty. So I'm glad that I made that appointment.

I got him dressed and shoved him into the car. He asked where we were going. I said we are going to the doctor. He said, "Noo go to school."

Well we arrived at the doctors and she did indeed tell me that it was pink eye. She gave us a prescription for eye drops and sent us on our way.

I got the drops from CVS and Angry Toddler got to go to the donut store along the way . He was a happy camper.

I tried to get the drops in his eyes and it wasn't happening. So I called another resource. I called Angry Husband and asked him if he would stop by and help me with the drops. He agreed to and was on his way. YAY!!!

Angry Husband came by with his work partner, whom oohhh'ed and ahh'ed at the fish tank extravaganza. We got the drops in Caden's eyes right away. I asked him if his eyes felt better, and he said a great big "YES".

Now what are we going to do the rest of the day. I was totally going to clean, do errands and work on my e-bay auctions today. Sigh, maybe I can get something done today.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Love-in the Craigslist

I know that some people have a bad taste in their mouth for Craigslist and E-Bay. I have been very successful with both of them since my son was born.

We have a small house and barely any room for storage. We don't plan on having any more children. So after each stage of babyhood, I would sell off the toddler's goodies.

The swing went first, then the Bumbo, and then the Jumperoo. Along the way, I sold my son's used clothing. This kid has always been a clotheshorse. He wore his outfits maybe two to three times and they were all brand names.

Last month, my mom bought Angry Toddler a big boy twin-sized bed. He kept falling out of his toddler bed, and coming into our room. I decided to play his nursery set on Craigslist. Unfortunately, it was during the Holidays and people were not looking to make large purchases like cribs and dressers.

Friday, I got an e-mail from someone who saw my ad. I set-up an appointment to meet with them on Saturday morning. I was at work when they came to see the furniture. Angry Husband was there with the toddler. AH called me and let me know that the furniture, indeed, had SOLD. I was soo happy. Now I could get my car back in the garage.

It's bittersweet, another chapter is babyhood has closed. We loved the furniture, but it is just not practical for our smaller house. We lived in a bigger house when we bought it. I remember when he climbed out of his crib for the first time, Christmas Eve 2006. We were in shock.

But I think that the toddler is getting used to his big boy bed. It also helps that I bought cool fireman sheets from Pottery Barn Kids.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Enjoying my days off

So it's been a good couple of days off.

I organized Angry Toddler's clothes from last summer. I'm sorting through them to prepare for e-bay. I really loathe the whole e-bay experience (picture taking, waiting, etc), but I love it when the money comes rolling in. I've already sold a ton of his clothes on my loops and parenting forums. It's been nice to make some extra payments to Mr. American Express.

I finally went and bought the baby gift I was looking for yesterday, at Baby Gap. It's really sad when you go to you're usual stores at the mall, and they ask where my mom is. My mom is my shopping buddy. I had to tell the manager at Janie and Jack, that I have weekdays off and that I actually shop with my own money, giggle.

I enjoyed a wonderful Tropical Ice Tea from Paradise Bakery. I soo love their tea. I then left the mall for my next destination, The Spa. I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my planner to Burke Williams.
I scheduled a half hour deep tissue massage.

I can't remember my massage therapists name, but she was tough on me. She told me that I have all sorts of knots in my shoulders, duh. I was very painful and relaxing at the same time. I then jumped in the steam room after that.

After leaving the spa, I ran into Costco for a few things. I went directly to the aisles where I needed things. I saw all sorts of goodies in there though. They were shouting at me, "Hey Julie, buy me, you want me", but I resisted.

Today, I spent more time organizing. I started calling all the medical facilities that are awaiting payment from me. After Angry Toddler's bout of Upper Respiratory issues, ear infections, and seziures, we have quite a stack of bills. I was shocked the my insurance actually finally paid an outstanding bill from um, April.

I think I will finish off the night by trotting along on my treadmill and then watching some Grey's Anatomy.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Holiday Pictures

I keep forgetting to post these. I'm such a total slacker. Working nights the past 4 months has cost me some brain cells. Here are some pictures of Angry Toddler during the Holidays. Maybe next year, I can actually get some photos of Angry Husband and myself.

The Christmas Card Picture

Reading a book he received from my Secret Santa (notice the backwards pj's, the kid is still stripping)

Christmas Eve, with my Friend's Daughter, Madison

Attacking dessert on Christmas Eve

Santa's Loot

Opening some presents

Sunday, January 06, 2008

I made it!!!


Tonight is my very last night of swing shift. After 2:30am, PST, I will be on day shift until September. I can't wait for some good sleep.

I used to be a night person, unfortunately Angry Toddler's early wake-ups ruined that.

Hopefully, it won't rain too hard and the criminals won't come out to play like they did last night.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I admit it, I'm a kid's clothing snob

Angry Husband's cousin just had a baby on Sunday, a baby girl!!! I asked AH's other cousin what the family needs (secretly hoping there is a registry). She responds with, "Oh, they have all the basics, but they need clothes."

This is a really hard predicament for me. I admit it, I'm a clothing snob for kid's clothes. I really didn't turn into "this person" till Angry Toddler was about 3-4 months old. When he turned about 3 months old, he finally started fitting into all the cute Gymboree clothes that I had received from baby showers. Once I saw how cute the stuff was, well I never went back to Carter's.

So I went out this afternoon looking for the perfect baby gift. I went to Nordstrom, my favorite Department store. I saw all kinds of cute things, but nothing perfect.

I then went to the dreaded Carters. I grabbed like 3 outfits, that were like $8 each. I looked at them, they were cute, but not cute enough. Sigh, I walked out of the store.

I then went into the Bellini baby store. I walked around in circles. I even told the employee, I am a snob, I need a gift, but can't find the perfect item. Even the clerk said, did you try Gymboree? I sighed and said, yes, my mom even works there, but they don't have anything "Spring enough" right now as this family lives in Arizona.

I did buy one thing though, I got these Trumpette socks, aren't they cute!!

I think I may hit the local baby boutique when I'm working these weekend. Sigh...

And even though, I wasn't looking for Angry Toddler, I found a ton of cute stuff for him! Not that he even needs clothes, his closet is out of control.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day 2

Well, it's January 2nd.

Last night, I decided to rip apart our master bedroom closet. I yanked out all the clothes I haven't worn in like 2 years. I made the husband go through his stuff too. Really, one man doesn't need 50 black t-shirts. I don't care if they have Bettie Page on them.

Then I moved onto my shoes. I have to put my shoes in the garage since we live in such a small house. Thank you California for you're high prices and little square footage. I wear a size 9. I had shoes ranging from a 7 to a 9. Umm, let's just say I have room for more shoes.

Angry Toddler is finally well. That was exciting for both Angry Husband and I. He ate some solid food yesterday.

I got up this morning and started off cleaning. My cleaning people come today, but I always pre-clean, the husband doesn't understand that. I picked up the million toys in our front room, and tossed them all into a tote.

Edited to add: The husband took Angry Toddler to PRESCHOOL today. Woo-hoo, school is back in session. Time to write out the huge tuition check.

I fluttered around and then the cleaning people finally arrived. Nothing feels better than have a clean, quiet house.

After they leave, I'm going to Home Depot. AH and I decided last night that we need more storage racks in our garage. I'm tired of tripping over Home Theater install crap in our garage. Besides, the fact that he can never find what he's looking for in his big mess of tools.

I hope that this year brings more organization and less chaos to the household.

Only two more swing shifts for me, and then I'm working day shift. Which means no more 2am blog posts, cause Angry Julie will be sleeping!!!!
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