Saturday, November 29, 2008

Angry Turkeys and Other Things

So ya, Angry Julie attempted to bake, yet again. At least I tried. I made these Pillsbury Cookies that Jennifer posted. I couldn't find any blue candies, so I had to use red candies for the eyes. I also made a mistake and gave the turkeys angry faces, instead of happy ones. Seriously, I didn't do it on purpose. Angry Husband called them Angry Turkeys from Hell.

We had a pretty good Thanksgiving. My parents came over so it was the five of us. Angry Toddler was being pretty good. He was actually awake to eat this year. Last year, he was taking a five hour power nap. He liked the food. We didn't bake the food from scratch. We ordered a meal from Claim Jumper. We did that last year too. It was quite yummy. My stove is inconsistent and it never cooks things properly.

I went shopping on Black Friday. It was the quietest year ever. We took Angry Toddler to Stacey's The Little Gym for Parent's Day Out. He had a great time. There wasn't anything particular that my mom and I were looking for. We did make some purchases though. I went to Costco last night and spent over $500 on gifts though. I just want to get this all done.

I placed an Amazon order last night too. I finally got my Garmin 305. It was my birthday present from Angry Husband. This was the best price I've ever seen on the Garmin. I also purchased some things from Amy at Tote and Tee.
I just lounged with Angry Toddler today. We watched some TV and hung out. I'm at work now just trying to catch up with life.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine

Yep. That's me, come January 4th. Praise Baby Jesus!!! I will be back on dayshift. One more month of working nights. I won't have to work nights again until May, unless it's overtime.

I'm counting down the days.

I will still be working weekends though. I'm ok with that.

November Birthday Bash

Last Wednesday, we have a birthday bash for some of my work peeps. We went to Dave and Busters, here in Orange County. It's a great place for adults. You can play video games and drink alcohol. You can't get any better than that.

Before the festivities, my friend, Monique, came over. We exchanged some presents. I was very excited, cause Monique got me lots of goodies. She got me a special edition version of the Harvey's Seatbelt Purse, (3) shirts from Ann Taylor Loft, an itunes gift certificate, and a Wahoo's food gift certificate.

After doing gifts, we headed to Dave and Buster's for some fun. We had a great group.

Here's Jen and Monique with some Evil wine. Monique's nickname is Evil Mo.

And here's the rest of the girls!

Almost Thanksgiving

Seriously, November is almost done. I can't believe it. It's gone by soo quickly. It seems like last week we were dressing up for Halloween and now it's Thanksgiving. It's been soo busy at work and here at home lately, I've barely had time to get my thoughts together.

I attended Angry Toddler Thanksgiving Feast earlier this afternoon. All the kids were wild and crazy. They sang some cute songs, I say they, because Angry Toddler was hanging in the corner. We ate some sugar free, no taste food, and then it was time to go.

All the mommies at Angry Toddler's school want to have playdates with us. We keep getting phone numbers on post-its in his folder. I'm barely awake on the weekends. I don't even know if I'm the playdate type. Seriously, it's kinda hard to bring up the fact that ya, umm, I'm barely awake with three hours sleep. The other mommy will be like, we watched some family oriented movies last night. Oh, ya, Angry Julie took pictures of some assault or traffic accident. I find it very hard to converse with normal people most times. Maybe I should try being a little less snarky, but hey that's what you get.

I'm quite excited though for tonight. Tonight is the premiere of the new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. I can't wait.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

G-Mail aka Google Mail

I've been using Gmail for almost two years now. I absolutely love it. I can check my email from anywhere. Every day, I look at the top of their webpage and see new features that they are working on.

Yesterday, I saw that you can add themes to your Gmail. I added a beach theme. It's soo pretty.

If you go under settings and click on themes, there are several to choose from.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Treadmills and Toys

I had the repair company come out today to look at my treadmill. The repairman told me that the rear roller, walking belt, and computer board need to be replaced on it. Apparently, this is a come issue with this particular Precor model. I had to pay $110 for the diagnosis. Ugh... So I called Precor and asked them about this "upgrade". The Precor representative advised me that they (Precor) will pay for the parts and labor issue for this issue. So I call the treadmill repair company back. They tell me, that yes, Precor, will cover the labor, but not for the initial consultation.

Ya, ok that makes sense. I pay $110 for a consultation, to diagnose a common issue with this particular issue. So ridiculous. Luckily, it will only cost me $100 to get it up and running.

I then received my Amazon order. I must have not been paying attention when I placed my order the other day. I ordered (2) of one of my items. So I have to mail back this huge box, at an additional cost to me, for an item that had free shipping originally.

Black Friday

We have a week and two days until the Biggest Shopping Day of the year. I usually go shopping with my mom. The funny this is, we usually don't buy Christmas gifts that day. We end up buying random things, that are good buys.

Angry Husband does not know whether he has to work or not. I think Angry Toddler is going to Stacey's drop off program, Friday morning, at her "The Little Gym". I think that it's awesome that Stacey is offering a program for parent's to be able to go shopping without dragging the little ones along.

I've been looking on this site, to check out the ads for Black Friday. I signed up for e-mail updates last year. Every time a new ad is posted, I get an alert. There are some really good deals out there, especially if you are looking for a TV.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Weekend Recap

Last Friday was my Birthday. I had a total meltdown but overcame it around 6pm that night. I then worked Food and Wine Night for the Junior League. I had a great time hanging out with new friends, networking, and it took my mind off some things.

Saturday, I took Angry Toddler out for a haircut and some donuts. I finally found someone that can cut his hair the way I like it. It's the local Barber in the city I work in. They are cheap too! Much better than those kid's haircutting places. I worked Saturday night and it was sooooooo busy.

Sunday, well, I slept, went to the gym for a quick work out, and then well, worked again.

Monday. I hung out with Angry Husband during the day. I did some Birthday shopping for a friend and we went to lunch. Then, I worked again. We solved a pretty big case last night so I am over the moon!!!

I finally went to the place where I bought my treadmill last night. I'm still having issues with it. Luckily, it's covered for parts for 10 years, but not labor. They are sending someone out tomorrow to come and see what the problem is. They said 50% of their issues were routine maintainance. I hope so. I miss my treadmill. Sometimes, I just don't feel like getting in my car and driving to 24 Hour Fitness.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Would it be bad, if let's say, one person who was home alone...

Ordered Domino's Pizza and ate half a thin crust pizza while watching Gossip Girl?

Just wondering....

I might know someone who did this today....

Hypothetically speaking of course.


Yep, it's official....


I hate when I'm an odd number. The OCD in me freaks out. For an entire year, I will be an odd number.

I have a love/hate relationship with my Birthday. If you ask my mom, she will tell you that I cry every year. It's predictable and routine. I guess I have reached that age where there are no more surprises.

My mom usually buys my gifts when we are shopping or out and about. I've tried giving her lists, they are never followed..

I like clothes, but gee, I would rather have a watch, or that Tiffany necklace that no one asked me about.

I have the day off work, but I'm volunteering with the Junior League. There will be food and alcohol....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tagged....from Tamara


I was tagged by Tamara

The 8 things Tag

8 TV shows I love to watch:
1. Gossip Girl
2. Dexter
3. Weeds
4. Biggest Loser
5. Private Practive
6. ER
7. Law and Order SVU
8. Greek

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. Mi Casa
2. Wahoo's
3. Lucille's BBQ
4. Outback Steakhouse
5. Claim Jumper
6. Panera Bread
7. Corner Bakery
8. Soup Plantation

8 Things that happened today:
1. Finally finished watched Weeds On Demand
2. Did some laundry
3. Cleaned up the house, a teeny bit
4. Went to the grocery store
5. Got my eyebrows waxed
6. Rescheduled my hair appointment for tomorrow
7. Made some phone calls
8. Went to dinner and drinks with Stacey to celebrate our birthdays!

8 Things that I look forward to:

1. Getting off this night shift. It's killing me slowly.
2. Getting all my Holiday shopping done
3. Spring, Summer, Warm Weather
4. Getting my hair cut. I've gone too long this time without getting it cut.
5. Birthday Bash Night next week with all my co-workers
6. Getting a massage sometime soon.
7. My next Monster Slurpee
8. 2009!!

8 Things on my wish list:
1. A Garmin Forerunner 405
2. A new Louis Vuitton or Gucci purse
3. Our house to be perfectly painted
4. New tile in our bathrooms and kitchen
5. Some new backyard furniture
6. Jeans that actually fit my short inseam right
7. A awesome vacation next year
8. A bloggy convention with all my wonderful blogging friends who come together and drink margaritas and martinis all day long

8 People I tag:

I think everyone has done this tag also. Feel free to copy it and pass it along on your own blog!

What's Your Fix?

Do you have a go-to drink or food item? Is there something you have to have everyday to function?

I'm have a serious addiction right now to Monster Black Ice Slurpees from 7-11. Of course, they have to be the 40 oz. variety. They are Slurpees made from the Monster Energy Drinks.

I get one every day on the way to work. I visit with my peeps at 7-11 and chit chat about what's going on in the city. Today, the one employee even commented that I was running late. He was like it's 3:45, you only have 15 minutes till work. That's pretty scary that the 7-11 employees know my schedule. I'm a bad influence too, I've even gotten a co-worker, N, addicted to them too.

I always laugh when I watch Weeds, cause Nancy usually has her ice-blended mocha from It's a Grind.

My Slurpees are my crack. I have to have them to function. The scary thing is, that they are actually only a limited edition item. Someday soon, they will be discontinued and I will have to find another addiction.

P.S. I have a little secret though. My 7-11 ordered lots of extra supplies so they will be stockpiled for a long time. It's a big hit in their store.

Yep, We got on the cupcake bandwagon!

We hopped up on the cupcake bandwagon this past weekend. Saturday, is Operation Entertain Angry Toddler so I can sleep day. Stacey, my BFF, and I took the kids out to breakfast at IHOP (nasty, will never ever set foot in that establishment again!) and then went to a little mini-mall area in Newport Beach.

While we were leaving breakfast, Stacey asked where Sprinkles Cupcakes was? I said, ohh, the land of the almost $4.00 cupcake. Well I gave her the directions and we went on our way. We did some walking around when we got there.

I found all kinds of lovely things that I wanted at Tommy Bahama. I wish everything wasn't $100+. Me and my expensive-ass taste. It always gets me in trouble.

So we finally arrived at Sprinkles. Stacey got (3) cupcakes for her family and I got two. Angry Toddler picked out the vanilla one and I picked out the coconut flavor.

I made Angry Toddler wait until we got home to eat the cupcake. For $3.25, he was going to ENJOY IT. Ok, well maybe I wanted to enjoy mine. Angry Toddler ate (2) bites of his when we got home. Angry Husband ate most of mine, as I only ate one bite. I've brought Sprinkles home before, and Angry Husband was not very impressed. It seemed like he liked their stuff this time.

Little Girl Hair Blog

I have a boy so I don't get to do all those cute hair-dos like my other friends do. Sometimes, I think that's better. I remember my mom and friends trying to brush my rats nest head of hair out when I was a kid.

One of the women on my parenting forum posted this blog, She Does Hair. She has (3) daughters and photographs/illustrates all kinds of awesome hairstyles for little girls.

So all you girl mommies, you gotta check her out!

I'm amazed at her creativity.

An Award from Naomi

Naomi at Confessions of Dr. Pepper Addict awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award on October 23rd. It's quite pathetic that I'm just getting to it now. Naomi have been chatting through e-mail lately and it's quite scary how much we have in common. I love reading her blog and hearing all about the Diva. I'm going to list 6 things that make me happy. I think everyone has been pretty much tagged for this award lately. I'm behind on the times. If you want to snag this award and pass it along, please feel free!

1. In the morning when Angry Toddler wakes up, he does this peek-a-boo thing. He hides under the blanket and then starts giggling. Lately, he does it for a second and then jumps out of bed and heads for the potty.

2. When Angry Husband, Angry Toddler and I are all home together. It's been very rare lately due to our schedules. Someone is always coming or going.

3. Reading a good book. I get immersed in my books and fell like I'm living in the character's lives.

4. Getting a pedicure. My feet are always soo yucky from running and my work boots.

5. A clean house. It's just soo hard to keep up with our house. We have it professionally cleaned every other week.

6. My comments from all my blog readers. I get a big smile when I see those e-mails coming into my inbox on my Blackberry. Keep the comments coming!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Catalog Spam

The retail companies are really pushing hard this Holiday Season. I received several catalogs today in the mail. Angry Toddler loves looking at the toy catalogs. He can look at them for hours.

I can't believe all of these came today!

Dean & Deluca
Garnet Hill
Target Toys
Walmart Toys

First Name Basis

For the past week, I keep hearing a litte voice...He's saying, "Julie, Julie".

Yes, Angry Toddler is calling me by my first name. We were leaving the house today with Stacey and Stella. He called Angry Husband by his first name too, "He said bye, Mike."

When we were in a store, Angry Toddler was walking around screaming, "Julie, Julie, Julie" looking for me.

It just ain't right!

Friday, November 07, 2008


I have been out of touch with the cable TV shows for a few years. I haven't had Showtime for several years. Well last month, I got addicted to Dexter. I watched all the Seasons that were on DVD.

I'm now addicted to Weeds. I had it in my Netflix queue for a few months. It finally worked it's way up to the #1 spot. I'm current on Disc 2 of Season 3. I love it!!

I had to call my cable company and subscribe to Showtime this week. I'm going to watch the current seasons of Dexter and Weeds On Demand.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Had a Parent-Teacher Conference Today

Angry Husband picked up Angry Toddler at preschool on Monday. He saw a note to sign up for Parent-Teacher conferences. I got the "hey, you need to sign up for a time frame" comment Tuesday morning.

I had the meeting this morning at 9:30. Angry Toddler is doing well. Six months ago, the kid was running around, biting kids, not listening, and basically just being a little turd.

Today, he was "our brightest kid in the class, he has excellent fine motor skills, he knows all his numbers, and letters". I'm soo proud of him.

Plus, as of November 1st. He's OFFICIALLY potty trained.

His teacher recommended that we work with Angry Toddler more at home. Apparently the kid is trying to himself to read and write. I didn't know that they did that at 3. So of course, I went to the teacher supply store and spent $35 on workbooks and shit. Like a good mom!

Oh, and the damn teacher, also told me that tomorrow is her last day. Can I get a heck ya. She totally annoyed Angry Husband and I. Plus, the woman didn't even know what ADHD was when I met with her today. Bye, bye, bye!

Mickey's Treat at Disney's California Adventure

Angry Husband's family was in town last week. We did 3 days at Disneyland. I didn't want to spam my blog with pictures. So I thought I would post a few at a time. We went to Disney's California Adventure "Mickey's Treat" last Wednesday. This was where we did our Trick or Treating for Halloween time.

Angry Toddler hanging out with his pal, Adonis

Baby John as Pluto. Poor thing, he hates his stroller right now. I wish I could have people push me around in a stroller. He doesn't realize how good he has it.

Pointing out some paw prints on the nature trail

Trick or Treating

Isn't he adorable. Look at those eyes.

Hanging out on the Tram on the way to go home

Adding Pictures

I'm having anxiety over posting pictures here on Blogger. I have 3 posts done with pictures, but they are all gigantic!!!!

Please, please help me!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Amazon Prime

Is anyone a member of this?

They have a free one-month trial. I buy lots of books and dvd's. I would buy more from Amazon if I got free shipping?

I'm willing to pay the $79. I have a my Christmas Account available at the first of next month?

It might be nice to get this now since there were tons of specials on toys last year.

I might need to get this.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Recap from last week

Last week was a busy week and I'm still recovering. Luckily, I got about 7 hours of sleep last night. I think I'm "back" now.

Here's my recap:


I worked and did some things around the house. Angry Husband was home.


I had a Junior League Meeting and then went into work. My co-worker called in sick, so I got a little greedy and went in for some overtime.


I hung out like a lazy sloth. I was soo tired from working all weekend. Angry Husband's cousin was in town. We met her at Disney's California Adventure. Angry Toddler was dressed as a Jedi and we Trick or Treated. I promise to post some pictures later.


Angry Husband's grandmother flew in from Northern California. We met Angry Husband's cousin at Disneyland and hung out. Angry Toddler was in a very good mood.


We went to Disneyland again. It wasn't actually that busy. We were there for the entire day. It was fun to see all the kiddos all dressed up.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

Well I got back to the grind and worked.

I promise to post lots of pictures throughout the week!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Daylight Savings

So today is Daylight Savings. I was working when the time change happened last night. I should have gotten an extra hour of sleep. Nope. I had a late call at work. Then I got home and sat on the computer until 3am.

Angry Toddler woke up bright and early at 6:30am. It's normal for him, since he usually gets up at 7:30ish. I even had the opportunity to sleep in this morning. Angry Husband and Angry Toddler went to take AH's aunt to the airport. They will be gone for at least two hours.

Of course, I'm wide awake!


My brain has been total chaos the past month. I really don't know why or how I get like this. I'm usually a very organized and together-type person. And then all of the sudden, everything spirals out of control.

This happens to me every few months or so. I've tried to take baby steps to get myself back together. I really think it's this shift I'm working right now. I don't function well working night shift. I used to be a total night person. When you have a child, you just can't spend your entire day sleeping. Even Angry Husband mentioned that I've been working out less too. He doesn't care how much I work out, but he knows I do.

I finally got caught up with all our bills. I've been kinda slacking in that department. Verizon Wireless was sure happy they got some money.

I need to re-organize this house and clean it. I really want to go through all the boxes and totes in our garage. Christmas is coming. I need to make a really big shopping list.

I haven't had any races since September. So my running is sucking too. I'm pretty sure that I'm doing one on Thanksgiving. Hopefully, I can get some day shifts next year, otherwise 2009 is going to be a really long year.

I'm working a long day today, so hopefully, I can do some blog posts. I have tons of pictures from this week. Angry Husband's family was all in town.

I started working on this post last night but damn crime had to happen. I got a late call, hate that.
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