Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Great American Fish Tank Build

I'm such an enabler. I admit it. I bought Angry Husband the 12 gallon saltwater fish tank for Father's Day. I thought it was cute and small, sometime for him to do. Angry Toddler would love looking at the little fishies swimming around. I was wrong. I should know better by name, AH obsesses, I mean obsesses when he gets a new hobby.

I should know better. There is a quite a cult of fish people at work. All they talk about it their coral, new fish, chemical measurements, water evaporation, etc. I have joined the cult. The local fish store knows us by name now. The owner has become friends with AH. We discuss my co-workers fish tanks and what they have learned from the experience.

I could have fore casted this, but I didn't. AH wanted a bigger and better tank. His first thought, saw out the wall between the dining room and garage. Umm, no, we are not sawing out walls for a FISH TANK.

Then it came to him, he was going to turn out dining room buffet into a tank stand. Hence, the Great American Fish Tank Build. Oh, yes, 125 GALLONS of acrylic fish tank.....

My dining room before:
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Dining room after, The Great American Fish Tank Build:
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The tank isn't done yet. AH needs to buy lighting, rock, and water still.........

I have no clue how much money he's spent on this. Thankfully, he's been doing some side work for my friends...


  1. OMG that thing just barely fits on the buffet. AH left some tools at my parents house during some of his side work. I have them here...sitting on my mantle!

  2. I can't wait to see the finished, it looks like it barely do you feel about him taking over your buffet?

  3. My husband's boss had a fish obsession, it cost him THOUSANDS of dollars. But! He enjoyed it so much, so did his kids.

  4. My friends husband has a salt water tank so large and with so much equipment that they had to BUILD ANOTHER ROOM in their house to hold it all.


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