Sunday, September 02, 2007


One must achieve some level of sleep in order to function during the day. Friday night was awful, Angry Toddler was up all night screaming... Angry Husband had fed Angry Toddler some hot dogs at 6pm. The hot dogs did not sit well in AT's stomach. He was up screaming and crying most of the night. I know Angry Husband was trying to be good, and took AT out into the front room, but when you live in an 1100 sq. foot house, you hear everything...I tossed and turned all night.

Last night, we got to bed. Angry Toddler was safe and sound in his own bed. I'm in bed with Angry Husband. AH snores all night long, I nudge him to roll over at least 5 times, saying "roll over, you're snoring, please roll over." He grunts and rolls over.

Then at like 3am, Angry Toddler walks in the room with his blankie. You know where this is going. I pick up AT and put him in the bed between us. Apparently since 5pm or so, AT has developed a cough. So AT flips around all friggin night, snoring and coughing.. You cannot forget the fact that AH is also snoring still.

How can a woman sleep? I feel like Goldilocks between two damn bears. and to top it all off, I'm working today from 6am-8pm, yea that's right. That's a long ass day with no sleep. I'm soo tired. Which means, I'm going to have to sleep on my lunch hour today...

All I want is a full night's sleep with out snoring or a 33 lb. child pressed up against me. Do I need to check into a hotel for this?


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