Saturday, September 08, 2007

Got some new eyeglasses

I had Lasik surgery in 1999. My grandmother paid for the surgery and afterward exclaimed that she gave me the gift of sight. I had terrible eyesight before I had surgery. I inherited my dad's bad eyes. I had an astigmatism in both eyes, and I think my prescription was like 20/400 or something awful like that. I was one of those glasses on the nightstand people. I had to wear them full-time.

Everyone at work jumped on the bandwagon as soon as this surgery got popular. Some of the older people still had to wear reading glasses after surgery. I was one of the luckier people, I did not have to wear any type of glasses afterwards. I really had no complications, except for dry eyes, which lasted a couple of months.

I have been ok, the past few years. But about a year ago, I noticed that my night vision was not as clear. I know that this is a side effect from the astigmatism. I noticed that street lights had those halos again. I also noticed that it was becoming harder to see street signs.

When you work in a job like I do, you need to be able to read street signs and addresses. I knew that I would be returning to the night shift in September. So I went to my local Costco and saw the local optometrist. She gave me an exam. She advised me that I night a slight prescription. So slight, that she told me only to wear the lens driving, at night. I got my prescription and headed out the door.

Yesterday, I went to my local LensCrafters with my prescription in hand. I walked in and began looking at the frames. Knowing that I'm a total brand name snob, I looked at the D&G, Prada, Chanel, and Burberry frames. I found the most perfect set of frames from Chanel. They are a beautiful silver color.

I know that they are a bit extravagant for work, but I said, what the hell. I got the best lens I could, with scratch coating and all. The manager there told me to come back in an hour to pick them up. I was in shock, in only an hour, I would get my new cute glasses.

I picked them up and they were beautiful. It was much easier to read street signs after that.

I wore my new glasses at work this morning.. Since it was still dark out when I started working. Several people noticed my new glasses and complimented me on them. One co-worker laughed at me, and said "Oh, are those Gucci or something?". I said, "No, they are Chanel, duh". I was making a joke with him, because these are a little over the top for my working conditions, but hey, a girl has got to have style, right?


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