Monday, September 24, 2007

A Day in the Life of Julie, Not So Angry Monday

I rolled out of bed at 8:30am, this morning. AH asks, "Do you want eggs, breakfast?" Well of course I do. I venture to the kitchen table while he prepares me some eggs and toast. He knows this is the only normal meal I will eat today, as I can't even boil water.

I proceed to eat my delicious plate of eggs and toast. A few minutes later the doorbell rings, it's our cleaning people. I deal with dirty people at work all day, I refuse to clean dirty toilets. So the girls get to work, while I hop on the computer.

So I sit here reading the blogs, surfing e-bay, and g-chatting it up with my friends.

I then suddenly realize that I'm on call for court for work. Yep, that's right, I'm getting paid for two hours of work while I sit here in my pajamas, surfing the net, while people clean my house.

Sometimes, it's good to be me...

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you all..Angry Toddler is at preschool!

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