Monday, March 03, 2008

Vampire Toddler

I am usually funny and joyous on my blog. I discuss the interesting things that happen in my daily life. But the past two weeks have been a real downer in our house.

Angry Toddler is having some major issues at preschool right now. I'm sure I've discussed this before, but he's in a really really really bad biting phase right now. At first we thought it was his medicine, it got a little bit better after we stopped some of his medications. Then a few days later, the behavior returned.

Last Tuesday was the worst day he ever had at preschool. He bit 4 kids and hit one kid. Angry Husband picked him up at 5:30pm and the teacher advised him (AH) that he needed to meet with the Director of the school. AH met with the Director and she advised him that Angry Toddler was on the verge of getting kicked out of the school.

AH came home and told me about this. I was in total shock. I was determined to meet with the Director the following morning and discuss the FULL situation of what was going on. I met with HER (i.e. evil Director), and I was not pleased. The woman was very PC and kept saying we do this because of privacy, social services, etc. All I wanted to know is, if other kids were having issues? Was he biting the same kids every day? Is it a certain time frame? I got none of that from her. She made it out like we were bad parents and my child was the bad seed.

I left frustrated. AH and I discussed the situation. We love his school, AT loves his friends, so far everything was working out great in the situation. AT was on better behavior Wed, Thur, and Fri. We were pleasantly surprised. We rewarded AT with a special trip to Brats R' Us.

Well, today was a whole new ballgame. While, I was working, I received a call on my cellphone from Angry Toddler's teacher. She told me that he had bit a kid and asked if I could come and pick him up. I finished what I was doing, talked to my boss, and left work. I arrived at the preschool, in my work uniform. Nothing better than someone coming to a preschool 12 noon in a police uniform. Angry Toddler wanted a toy from another kid, so he bit the kid. This was the worst bite ever, he broke the skin and the kid was bleeding. Ugh, what a mess. I seriously don't know what is going on with AT.

We've tried everything at home with him. We've read him the books, we've talked to him. I still don't know why this biting is going on.

I called my mom, trying to vent, but she was no help. She said that she would watch AT on Mondays and Fridays. Seriously, there is no way she can physically handle him for that long. I would be even more stressed out at work. I tried to explain to her, that he responds better to the teachers, but something about not being able to express himself to the other kids at school.

I have discussed this with a few of my friends. After many phone conversations, I decided to make an appointment with the pediatrician. We need some outside advice on what to do, make even some references.

I know that I can find another school, switch him, etc. But in reality, I know that he will keep on biting kids. I can already instinctively feel this. I want to be able to resolved the problem effectively.

Luckily, I've been exercising quite a bit lately, which is relieving some of the added stress.


  1. Crap. I'm sorry. That really, really sucks. I hope the pedi gives you great advice and AT stops biting pronto! Not advocating this in the least, but my nephew was part vampire for a while... Until my sil bit him back. Yikes! {{{hugs}}}

  2. OMG. I'm so glad you are taking him to the dr. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this though! If it makes you feel any better there is a group of kids at DD's school that are just like AT. Seriously, everyday there is an incident report taped to their cubby!

  3. Julie! You know I love you and I wanted to say that I am VERY proud of you for taking AT to the DR! You are doing the right thing. You're a good mom so don't think otherwise. Kids go through things and there is not always someone in an identical situation to take advice from. So just ignore the ding dongs and keep on doin' your thing!!!

    Love ya AND AT!!!!



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