Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bye Bye Stripes

So we have a 125 gallon saltwater fish tank in our dining room. The thing is huge. We have a little collection of fish. Angry Toddler has named them with cute names, simple for him to use.

We've noticed that one of our fish has not been cooperating lately. He's got a nasty attitude. He's been picking on the smaller fish, taking food from the other fish.

The last straw was Friday night. We brought home five small fish. I named them the Jackson 5, since they all looked similar. Stripes aka fish with a Bad Attitude, was chasing them around the tank like a shark. It freaked me out. These poor innocent fish being stalked by this Angry Fish. I told Angry Husband that Stripes had to go. Angry Husband tried for at least 30 minutes to get Stripes out of the tank. Angry Fish was smart and kept hiding from AH. Angry Husband finally gave up.

Yesterday, Angry Husband called me and he seemed very happy. He told me that he was able to get Stripes out of the tank. He had to empty out some of the water along with moving all the rocks around. He said that he had to use his bare hands to get him though. I met Angry Husband at the Fish store, where we took back Stripes.

Stripes was in his little holding cell tank when I got to the store. He still looked angry. We got a replacement for Stripes. Angry Toddler named him Bungee. Maybe, I can get a picture of Bungee later this week.


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