Friday, March 21, 2008

New Dentist

My old dentist sold his practice about a year ago. A nice new dentist replaced him. I wasn't that impressed with his replacement. So I didn't go to the dentist for over a year. I know alot of people who don't go to the dentist on a regular basis. But, i'm one of those people who really needs to go to the dentist. I took alot of medications when I was little, which damaged my teeth.

I got a postcard in the mail recently for a new dentist that just opened up near our house. So I arrived promptly at the new dentist's office on Tuesday. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful office. The dentist and staff were amazinng. They had all of the latest technology there. I watched my favorite television shows on DirecTv while I was getting my x-rays done.

The bad news, though... I had two new cavities and two crowns that need to be re-done. Apparently, my old dentist didn't properly do my crowns and now they are damaged. I had a feeling something was wrong. We also discussed some cosmetic dentisty options, I hate my teeth!

I go back in two weeks to get my cavities filled. It was the longest dental appointment I have ever had, but very imformative.


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