Sunday, March 16, 2008

Signed up for 3 5K's

I work weekend so it's hard to keep up with my running pal, Monique. We did about 3 5K runs together last year. I haven't done any this year yet, due to the weather and my work schedule.

Well I've been doing some training lately.

So this morning, I went and signed up for 3 5K runs. They are in May, June, and August.

I need to get some new workout clothes, cause I hate do 5K's in my frumpty t-shirts and black capris.


  1. You go girl!!! I'm so proud of you. Maybe you could inspire me to do that. LOL

  2. You go, AJ! And, LMAO at your running gear!!!!

  3. You go mama!~Wished I could get myself motivated to do something like that. Hey, I have a little bloggy bling for you..if you want to come over and pick it up. I may not comment all the time...but, I read you every day..just wanted you to know.


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