Friday, March 14, 2008

Sick Kids and Preschool

Angry Toddler has been disease free for almost a month. Let's get a whoot whoot for that.

So Angry Husband drops Angry Toddler off this morning. Angry Husband advised me that he always stays about 10 minutes, talks to the other kids, teachers, etc. Well, he (AH) noticed that one of the little girls in AT's class was wrapped in a pink blanket.

AH overheard this conversation between the parent and the teacher. "Oh, yea, she hasn't been sleeping, and I gave her some Tyenol." AH said that the little girl's face was covered in snot.

Seriously, why would you drop your kid off at preschool/daycare in this condition. My kid is prone to illness, and I'm sure that there are other kids like AT. Could you please take the day off and take care of your child?


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