Saturday, March 22, 2008

Went Shopping Last Night

Angry Husband got home a little early yesterday. I advised AH that I needed to go out and find something to wear for Easter at my Aunt's House. I already had a shirt from Gap that I was going to wear.

I decided to go to Kohl's since they were having a sale. And OMG, seriously, they were having an awesome sale. I got two dresses, two pairs of jeans, six pairs of underwear, one bra, and one greeting card for under $150. I think that's an awesome deal. I have several upcoming weddings to go to this year, so I need some dresses. Both dresses I got are perfect for Easter and/or Weddings. I might even go back today and get some more, cause they are soo practical.

Anyway, this is one of the dresses that I got, $24.99 on sale, regular price $50.00.

I need to go look for some brown shoes. Both dresses have brown in them. Ugh, hopefully, I can find something.


  1. plus... you can wear it to MY baby shower!!!!! love the dress!!!!


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