Saturday, March 15, 2008

Busy Week

Right now, I'm at work. I swear I can think of a million things that I need to do at home though.

Monday is St. Patrick's Day
Angry Toddler needs to wear green to school. I also need to bring stuff for special green snacks they are having. The other parents didn't sign up for enough things, so the nice parent that I am, signed up for 3 seperate items. Angry Husband will have to remember to bring it all with him, since I will be working Monday.

I just found out today, that I was invited to a St. Patrick's Day Party, Monday night. Apparently, the hostess didn't have my right e-mail addy, so I didn't get the e-vite. I will have to discuss this function with Angry Husband.


I have a dentist appointment with a new dentist in town. I thought I would try someone new, since my current dentist sold his practice, which I'm still bitter about.
I also have a meeting to go to Tuesday night.
Friday is Good Friday. Angry Toddler is out of school at 1pm. I figure we can go to the park, and play a little. Then he can take a nice little nap. I'm leaving work at 12pm that day.
Angry Toddler's girlfriend, Stella, is having her birthday party. My friend Stacey is opening a Little Gym, and the party is there. Note to self: Get present for Stella.
Yea, um Sunday is Easter. We are going to my aunt's house in Downey. They all want to see AT. We didn't go to my aunt's last year, because AT was having carseat issues. He wouldn't sit in a carseat for like 2 months.

I picked out a Gymboree outfit for him, and a white shirt from Gap for me. I need to go and get some capris or a skirt this week for me.


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