Monday, March 24, 2008

The Aftermath of Easter

Easter started off good, and ended kind of bad.

I woke up at 5am, and got ready for work. I prepped Angry Toddler's Easter basket bucket and left it all on the kitchen table. I got him a sand bucket, because I thought it was a bit more practical than a basket we would never use again. I put some treats in it and toys also.

While I was at work for a few hours, I got a phone call from Angry Husband. He was annoyed with me, cause I put candy in Angry Toddler's bucket. Um, duh! Apaprently, AT only wanted chocolate for breakfast, hehehe. AH also warned me that AT had a slight cough.

I went on with my day at work, which consisted of typing some reports and checked my e-mail, etc. I left work at 12 noon and went home. I promptly changed my clothes into the fabulous Kohl's dress. (I would post pics, but I don't want my HOT-ness, being spread throughout the Net.) I think grabbed Angry Toddler's Easter outfit from the closet, an outfit from Gymboree's Aviator line. Angry Toddler refused the outfit at first, but eventually he gave him. We then all got in my vehicle to go to my Aunt's house.

As we were on the Freeway, Angry Husband kept looking back at Angry Toddler in the carseat. We both were happy that AT was starting to fall asleep, for a little bit. Then AH looked back at AT, and said, "Oh shit". I said, "What?" AH then said, "He's having a seizure, pull OVER NOW". We are used to this, Angry Toddler has Febrile Seizures from his fever spiking.

So we stripped off AT's clothing, and then the puking started. Yes, AT spewed all over the back seat of my vehicle. It was awful. We were able to get him buckled in and we headed to the nearest pharmacy place to get some Tylenol. I bought Tylenol, paper towels, and a beach towel, to mop up all the puke. What a mess.

I had the great idea of taking him to Urgent Care, as we know an ER bill would be outrageous. Luckily, the Urgent Care was open. We saw the doctor and discovered that AT had an ear infection in his left ear. We got some meds and headed home. At fell asleep in the car again, and AH was able to move him to his bed. AT then took a 3-hour nap, which is consistent with him, post seizure.

While AT was napping, we did some household projects and general cleaning. So much for the Easter egg hunt I scheduled for AT. My parents are coming over tonight and we are going to do dinner and an egg hunt in our front yard.


  1. Awww, AJ! What a day! I'm sorry. Poor AT. And, poor AJ and AH, too....

  2. iam soooo sorry! i hope that he is ok. xoxoxooxo

  3. That is so scary! At least you were prepared and knew what to do. I hope you have a lot of Febreze for your backseat ;o).


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