Friday, January 18, 2008

Where is it?

At least once a day, I receive this phone call from my busband, "Where is this particular item?"

Today, I received two of those calls while I was at work.

Question 1. Where is a thumb drive? Do you have a thumb drive?
Answer 1. Check the desk drawer or the linen closet in our bathroom.
Reply 1. It's not in the linen closet. Oh wait, here's one in the office desk. Oh, but's it's only 256 mb.
Answer 2. Sorry, but that's all I have. Stacey has my other one.

Ten minutes later.
Question 2. Have you seen my flashlight?
Answer 1. No. Why would i know where it is. Why don't you ask Caden.
Reply 1. What am I going to call his preschool and ask to speak to him. Hello, "Can I speak to Caden." "Hey bubba, where is my flashlight".
Answer 2. Check in the toybox.

Why am I expected to know where everything is in my house? Yes, most of the time, I do know where things are when he calls me. But seriously, I'm at work.


  1. wait until you have a 9 year old! its a boy thing!

  2. Definitely a guy thing...I have five of them...always wanting to know where something is..drives me batty!

  3. Didn't you know that the uterus is actually a tracking device?


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