Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day 2

Well, it's January 2nd.

Last night, I decided to rip apart our master bedroom closet. I yanked out all the clothes I haven't worn in like 2 years. I made the husband go through his stuff too. Really, one man doesn't need 50 black t-shirts. I don't care if they have Bettie Page on them.

Then I moved onto my shoes. I have to put my shoes in the garage since we live in such a small house. Thank you California for you're high prices and little square footage. I wear a size 9. I had shoes ranging from a 7 to a 9. Umm, let's just say I have room for more shoes.

Angry Toddler is finally well. That was exciting for both Angry Husband and I. He ate some solid food yesterday.

I got up this morning and started off cleaning. My cleaning people come today, but I always pre-clean, the husband doesn't understand that. I picked up the million toys in our front room, and tossed them all into a tote.

Edited to add: The husband took Angry Toddler to PRESCHOOL today. Woo-hoo, school is back in session. Time to write out the huge tuition check.

I fluttered around and then the cleaning people finally arrived. Nothing feels better than have a clean, quiet house.

After they leave, I'm going to Home Depot. AH and I decided last night that we need more storage racks in our garage. I'm tired of tripping over Home Theater install crap in our garage. Besides, the fact that he can never find what he's looking for in his big mess of tools.

I hope that this year brings more organization and less chaos to the household.

Only two more swing shifts for me, and then I'm working day shift. Which means no more 2am blog posts, cause Angry Julie will be sleeping!!!!


  1. organization is on my 2008 list too....good luck. I need it...

  2. I've worked on this, I feel so much better when it's done :)


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