Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pink Eye

Seriously, I'm sooo tired of going to the pediatrician's office. It's a good thing that I like everyone there.

So Angry Husband brought home Angry Toddler from preschool last night. AH was like, "Umm Caden's teacher spoke to me and thinks that he has an eye infection or pink eye". I said oh. Then AH said, "Yea, he told his teacher his eye hurt and asked for an ice pack". I look at AT and see that his left eye is a little red.

So I immediately call the doctor's office before they close for the night. I get an appointment at 8am.

Angry Toddler woke up with his eye swollen shut. His eyelashes were all stuck together and crusty. So I'm glad that I made that appointment.

I got him dressed and shoved him into the car. He asked where we were going. I said we are going to the doctor. He said, "Noo go to school."

Well we arrived at the doctors and she did indeed tell me that it was pink eye. She gave us a prescription for eye drops and sent us on our way.

I got the drops from CVS and Angry Toddler got to go to the donut store along the way . He was a happy camper.

I tried to get the drops in his eyes and it wasn't happening. So I called another resource. I called Angry Husband and asked him if he would stop by and help me with the drops. He agreed to and was on his way. YAY!!!

Angry Husband came by with his work partner, whom oohhh'ed and ahh'ed at the fish tank extravaganza. We got the drops in Caden's eyes right away. I asked him if his eyes felt better, and he said a great big "YES".

Now what are we going to do the rest of the day. I was totally going to clean, do errands and work on my e-bay auctions today. Sigh, maybe I can get something done today.


  1. ok, ashe had pink eye in 1st grade. this nice little boy came to school with it. lets just say half of the class went home that day with it! hope the little one is doing ok!

  2. Ouch..pink eye is the worst....it rampaged our house over the summer..I had it three times....in a row..just couldn't get rid of it...I feet toddlers pain...poor little guy. Hope the drops are helping.


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