Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random Day

Angry Toddler went to preschool today. He had sort of a cough. I should have known that was just the beginning........

I went to the mall and did some returns at Gap. I cleaned out AT's closet and there was some stuff, he had not worn yet, which fell under their 90 day return policy so it went back. I tried on the Coach shoes that I posted about. Thank God! I didn't like them. I put them on and my feet keep slipping out of them. OMG, and the worse part of all, I had major toe cleavage hanging out. Even the store manager said, "Oh yea those shoes don't look too good on us people with Flintstone feet." Seriously, I know that i have Flintstone feet, I don't need a damn retail store employee to tell me so.

Then I came home and sat on the couch......bored...bored...bored...

I actually called Angry Husband and asked him when he was coming home. He said, 20 minutes. I said oh shit. He said why? I said cause I gotta pick up the house and make it look like I did something today. I never got off the couch...

We went and picked up AT from preschool. The teacher's assistant say, "Ohh he's very sick mom." GREEEEEAAAATTTTT!!! What does this mean for me? Dr.'s appointments, ear infections, breathing treatments, the whole enchalada......

We got AT some dinner and then went home. Then I make my grand announcement. "I'm going to the mall with my mom". Angry Husband does not know that I spent the whole day at the mall already. I was casually grazing the merchandise to pre-select my goodies! AH gave me that look and said bye bye!

I came home from the mall about 2 hours later, and what do I see? Angry Toddler is standing on his PBK rocking horse, trying to get some crayons out of baby gated kitchen. I look at the husband and say, "Do you know what you're child is doing?" AH answers, ohhh, he wasn't there like 5 minutes ago.

I also came home to some tasty Net drama....and here I am, sitting at this desk, why? Cause there's a coughing 2 year old in my bed!!!!!

P.S. My e-bay auctions kicked ass and almost everyone has paid!!!!


  1. Congrats on the auctions! Sorry AT is sick. Hope you enjoyed shopping!!!

  2. ok... over you! you need to come SHOPPING @ my store! you will love it! i still love you! hope the little one feels better!


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