Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shameless Spam aka E-Bay

I am sorry that I've been neglecting my blogging friends. I have been working on a project. It's a special project that I do twice a year. I've listed my son's Spring/Summer clothing on e-bay.

By doing this, it helps me support my shopping habit. So if you have a son who wears an 18/24 or 2T, click on the linkee below....

Angry Julie Monday's Auctions

I will back to my regular blogging within the next few days, after I'm done stalking my auctions....

I'm also on vacation, so maybe I can think of some things to blog about too.


  1. Hope your auctions did well! Once again, right there w/ you...all my auctions start on Sun. I do it once or twice/year about work!:)


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