Thursday, January 10, 2008

Enjoying my days off

So it's been a good couple of days off.

I organized Angry Toddler's clothes from last summer. I'm sorting through them to prepare for e-bay. I really loathe the whole e-bay experience (picture taking, waiting, etc), but I love it when the money comes rolling in. I've already sold a ton of his clothes on my loops and parenting forums. It's been nice to make some extra payments to Mr. American Express.

I finally went and bought the baby gift I was looking for yesterday, at Baby Gap. It's really sad when you go to you're usual stores at the mall, and they ask where my mom is. My mom is my shopping buddy. I had to tell the manager at Janie and Jack, that I have weekdays off and that I actually shop with my own money, giggle.

I enjoyed a wonderful Tropical Ice Tea from Paradise Bakery. I soo love their tea. I then left the mall for my next destination, The Spa. I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my planner to Burke Williams.
I scheduled a half hour deep tissue massage.

I can't remember my massage therapists name, but she was tough on me. She told me that I have all sorts of knots in my shoulders, duh. I was very painful and relaxing at the same time. I then jumped in the steam room after that.

After leaving the spa, I ran into Costco for a few things. I went directly to the aisles where I needed things. I saw all sorts of goodies in there though. They were shouting at me, "Hey Julie, buy me, you want me", but I resisted.

Today, I spent more time organizing. I started calling all the medical facilities that are awaiting payment from me. After Angry Toddler's bout of Upper Respiratory issues, ear infections, and seziures, we have quite a stack of bills. I was shocked the my insurance actually finally paid an outstanding bill from um, April.

I think I will finish off the night by trotting along on my treadmill and then watching some Grey's Anatomy.


  1. Watching TV while on the treadmill is the ONLY way to do it, I say! Glad you had a fun day.

  2. guh, Greys made me angry - again.


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