Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another Note to Self

When purchasing next couch for the family room in the house, here are a few tips:

1. Don't buy ginormous couch that fit perfectly in your much bigger house, and had to be cut down for newer tiny house.

2. Don't get couch covered in chenille fabric,it does this weird fading thing, and you have to rub it and move around the fabric, otherwise it gets a shiny appearance.

3. Don't get couch stuffed with down feathers, because 3 years later; the feathers are sticking out of the chenille and are all over the family room.

Things I realize after kid puked on couch 3 times last night, when I was at work. Things I realize when this morning, I go into the garage and see three cushions, with no covers on. Things I realize when I see cushion covers in washing machine.

P.S. Now my garage stinks like kid puke.


  1. Two Words....Rubber Room!

    lol love ya!

  2. were those cushions even supposed to be washed?!?!?

  3. Yes, the covers can be washed. The cushions are sitting in the garage.

  4. Here's another couch tip: NEVER buy a solid-color. It shows everything. My cranberry couches are RUINED from my 3 beasts. *sob*


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