Thursday, December 06, 2007

Secret Santa-ism

It's the time of year for gift giving.

Angry Julie loves to participate in the Spirit of Christmas and all this gift giving. I'm on several message forums. Going along with these forums, are several types of Secret Santa events. Silly me, has four people to buy for. I have a problem of taking too much on.

So I went shopping today. I really need to get all of these things in the mail. I'm sure with the weather acting up all over the U.S., it's going to slow the mail down. I of course, over spent, yet again. I'm such a perfectionist. I make a list, I really try to stick to it, but I never do.

For example, I'm participating in an ornament exchange. We are supposed to buy one ornament. Do I buy one? No, I buy two, plus candy. That's how I roll. Then, I have to wrap them all cute. Plus, I need to add in one of my personalized cards with a little note. This is how it begins, with one little ornament.\

Then Angry Husband is participating in a Secret Santa, on his Saltwater Fish Forum. He actually went and bought the gift himself. I was very proud of him. But then, I have to step in and take over. I asked him last night, "Oh, do you want me to wrap it up and package it to mail tommorrow?" He gave me that look, the "why are you taking over my project", look~ So I'm sitting here, looking at his Secret Santa gift right now. I think I'm going to wrap it anyway. He can sign the card, right?

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their Secret Santa goodies from me. I went totally overboard. Why can't I follow the simple rules? The funny thing is, I'm in charge of one of the ornament exchanges. I made the rules, which I can't even follow properly.


  1. you're so cute. tomorrow I write about my friend Elizabeth, you are totally her :)

  2. sounds like fun...can I join? Can you have my name?

  3. What so sound like me...I always go over board..I swear year after year I won't...but I do anyway..Happy Holidays!


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