Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rainy Day

I guess I wasn't paying attention to the news this week. But the forcast was heavy rain. Thank goodness the roofers completed most of our roof. I went out on Thursday night with some friends. It started to rain on my way home.

We woke up to a stream of steady rain at our house on Friday morning. The husband made sure we got up and motivated, otherwise the rain would make us even more sleepy than we already were.

We actually accomplished alot. We took Angry Toddler to preschool. Then we went to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. While we were at breakfast, we made a grocery list. Funny thing is, we never used the list when we got to the grocery store.

We then went to the grocery store, oh $200 and some change later. By then it was pouring down. We put all the food in the car and went home. We unloaded all the groceries onto our tiny kitchen floor. Meanwhile, we went through the cupboards. We probably got rid of over a $100 worth of food. Then we packed all the new food back in the fridge.

After Costco opened up, we went there. We paced around the warehouse, looking at all their goodies. They had all kinds of really neat things for the Holidays. Unfortunately, we can't have too many decorations in our house, cause Angry Toddler would destroy them. We then left Costco after spending around $160. It was still raining when we left Costco, so we hopped back in the car and went home.

Oh my gosh, I could barely keep my eyes open. But then AH checked the mail and this was in the mail. A brand new Wii game, Carnival. Oh, and yes, the Wii is somehow now working... We played the Carnival game. It was pretty fun.

And then I went to work. Where it continued to rain all night long....

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  1. I hear ya - the Kaiser would pull down anything that was say, shiny, fragile and potentially dangerous - cuz that's the most fun!


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