Monday, December 31, 2007

Toilet Fishing

Nope. It's not a new sport. It's what I just did in my house!

Angry Husband has gotten fairly lazy recently about the child proofing. He leaves our bedroom door unlocked, thinking Angry Toddler will think it's locked and not go in there.

I didn't see Angry Toddler anywhere. I asked AH where is Caden. He said "I don't know". Seriously how can you lose a 2 year old in a 1200 sq foot house? So I hear him in our bathroom, which he is not supposed to be in.

The kid has AH's flashlight in his hand standing over the toilet. I look in the toilet and see a glimmer of metal. I pull up my shirt sleeve and reach in. Argh, a Hot Wheels. While my hand is in there, I feel more. I pulled out 7 Hot Wheels and our metal sliding glass door lock.

I'm yelling! Why did you leave the bedroom door open. AH says, "Oh I did?"

As I was washing off toilet funk, Caden's Christmas cars. I swear Hot Wheels are going to be the death of me. Oh, and the day after Christmas, I caught AT throwing Hot Wheels into our 125 Gallon fish tank. Trying sticking you're hand in that! Ugh!!!

Maybe it's not a bad thing that I work tonight. Seriously, dealing with criminals is sometimes better than dealing with a toddler.


  1. Lol....we have the same problem with Hotwheels at our house...I can't begin to tell you where I found those things....the toilet as also been know to not only "eat" hotwheels, but our cordless phone as well...hang in there has only just begun!

  2. OMG!!! How did you NOT tell me this earlier!! I am dying laughing about that!! 7 HOT WHEELS!! OMG!!!! LMAO

  3. I've had to touch gross stuff many, many times with my kids. I once had to dig roly-poly bugs out of a toddler's mouth. That was a lovely surprise...

  4. Watch out for the Thomas trains too! Baby attempted to flush one down the toilet...and then WE got to flush $400 down the drain for a brand NEW toilet.
    Fun times.


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