Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Great American Fish Tank Build Part 2

So I previously blogged about our fish tank build, September post.

I thought I would update y'all a little bit. The Angry Husband has been working alot on his days off to get some funds to complete this project. I know it's a totally expensive hobby, and I hate seeing money go towards it. But, I was really sick of looking at this six foot long, empty plastic tank. He saved up enough money to get his sand, rocks, water, and lights.

I'm including the pictures taken a few days ago. It's got a neon glow to it. And it's hella loud. Like soooo loud, that it sounds like our dishwasher is running 24/7. The husband said that it's the pumps, and that he needs to UPGRADE them. Well of course he does.. My husband never does anything simple. The man must always upgrade things.

My mom is freaking. Seriously, everytime she comes over our house, she gets anxiety. She keeps thinking that the tank is going to break and that water is going to destroy everything in our house.

I will actually be happy when we get some fish. I'm tired of looking at ugly rock. I want to see pretty fish. I told Angry Husband that I want the tank to look like the one at the Pediatrician's office. It's soo purty.

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  1. Lol...it's not that bad, but I agree..needs fish. Can't wait to see the pics of it with pretty fish swimming around...and maybe after awhile, after you get used to..you won't even notice the noise from the pumps.


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