Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ick, Flu...and some shopping

So the entire family was sick all weekend long with the flu. Angry Husband and I both missed two days of work because of it. I swear, I haven't been this sick in a very long time. The only good thing about being sick was, I gotta lots of sleep, and I lost some weight.

But today is a new day and I'm feeling alot better. Angry Husband is at work, and Angry Toddler is at preschool. I took the dogs to the groomer. Actually, I walked the dogs to the groomer, because they were soo stinky, I wouldn't even put them in the husband's man vehicle. Then I stopped for bagel McDonald's, to have some breakfast. I walked my butt home after that.

Then I proceeded to catch up on all my blog and forum reading. Big mistake!!! I should have stayed away a couple of days longer. Three hours later, I had placed orders with Pottery Barn Kids, Williams Sonoma, Amazon, and Franklin Mint. There are all kinds of good deals out there, with codes, rebates, and such.

I went and picked up the doggies. They smell soo pretty now. I actually allowed them to get into the man vehicle. I think Angry Husband knew I was going to drive it today, because I did not see any fast food wrappers in the backseat like usual.

When I finally got time to relax, I sat down and watched The Hills. It was a lovely episode. I hope Heidi and Spencer stay broken up. I loathe those two. I know everyone wants Lauren to be with Brody. But I think he's just out for the media attention. Do Spencer and Brody even have jobs? What do they do all day?

Well, I am about done with blogging for the moment. This is my 100th blog post! Yippee!!

I'm working on my next post, which will be 101 Things about Me. As soon as I find 101 Interesting Things, I will post it!


  1. Happy 100! I know what you mean about the online shopping thing...I have went a little nuts myself!

  2. Happy 100! Hope you're feeling better these days. I must admit, I'm a Hills fan too :)

    Found you through blogrush!


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