Saturday, November 08, 2008

First Name Basis

For the past week, I keep hearing a litte voice...He's saying, "Julie, Julie".

Yes, Angry Toddler is calling me by my first name. We were leaving the house today with Stacey and Stella. He called Angry Husband by his first name too, "He said bye, Mike."

When we were in a store, Angry Toddler was walking around screaming, "Julie, Julie, Julie" looking for me.

It just ain't right!


  1. Ah! that goes all over me too. Cannot stand it when the girls say my name. GRRRR

  2. Yeah I don't like it when Lauren calls us Londie or Brandon!!

    I just correct her and say my name is Mommie and that's DADDY!!!

  3. It's a phase.

    As weird as it may sound and feel call each other Mommy and Daddy when AT is around. It really does help.


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