Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Weekend Recap

Last Friday was my Birthday. I had a total meltdown but overcame it around 6pm that night. I then worked Food and Wine Night for the Junior League. I had a great time hanging out with new friends, networking, and it took my mind off some things.

Saturday, I took Angry Toddler out for a haircut and some donuts. I finally found someone that can cut his hair the way I like it. It's the local Barber in the city I work in. They are cheap too! Much better than those kid's haircutting places. I worked Saturday night and it was sooooooo busy.

Sunday, well, I slept, went to the gym for a quick work out, and then well, worked again.

Monday. I hung out with Angry Husband during the day. I did some Birthday shopping for a friend and we went to lunch. Then, I worked again. We solved a pretty big case last night so I am over the moon!!!

I finally went to the place where I bought my treadmill last night. I'm still having issues with it. Luckily, it's covered for parts for 10 years, but not labor. They are sending someone out tomorrow to come and see what the problem is. They said 50% of their issues were routine maintainance. I hope so. I miss my treadmill. Sometimes, I just don't feel like getting in my car and driving to 24 Hour Fitness.

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  1. I want to visit you on your job. SO intriguing.

    You have more will power than I do, I won't work out unless I am outside or at a gym. Good for you!


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