Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Award from Naomi

Naomi at Confessions of Dr. Pepper Addict awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award on October 23rd. It's quite pathetic that I'm just getting to it now. Naomi have been chatting through e-mail lately and it's quite scary how much we have in common. I love reading her blog and hearing all about the Diva. I'm going to list 6 things that make me happy. I think everyone has been pretty much tagged for this award lately. I'm behind on the times. If you want to snag this award and pass it along, please feel free!

1. In the morning when Angry Toddler wakes up, he does this peek-a-boo thing. He hides under the blanket and then starts giggling. Lately, he does it for a second and then jumps out of bed and heads for the potty.

2. When Angry Husband, Angry Toddler and I are all home together. It's been very rare lately due to our schedules. Someone is always coming or going.

3. Reading a good book. I get immersed in my books and fell like I'm living in the character's lives.

4. Getting a pedicure. My feet are always soo yucky from running and my work boots.

5. A clean house. It's just soo hard to keep up with our house. We have it professionally cleaned every other week.

6. My comments from all my blog readers. I get a big smile when I see those e-mails coming into my inbox on my Blackberry. Keep the comments coming!


  1. I love to read as well, have you read the Twilight books? They are pretty good. I also love comments, they make me feel special!!

  2. I just saw this...great answers!


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