Friday, November 14, 2008


Would it be bad, if let's say, one person who was home alone...

Ordered Domino's Pizza and ate half a thin crust pizza while watching Gossip Girl?

Just wondering....

I might know someone who did this today....

Hypothetically speaking of course.


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHH!! dont you just love alone time...nice!

  2. I think we're all guilty of this at some point ;)

  3. Hypothetically speaking, I think as long as this person you are referring to isn't doing this everyday, I think it's fine to indulge....on your birthday!

  4. If nobody was there to see it happen, then calories DON'T count.

    Didn't "that person" know that? She should of had the whole pizza.

  5. It was "thin" crust, so all the rules change.

  6. Hypothetically speaking of course, could the person who ate the pizza update her son's blog? Pretty please, with extra cheese and pepperoni on top :)

  7. girl you have worked hard! I hope you enjoyed that pizza! you deserved it!


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