Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Treadmills and Toys

I had the repair company come out today to look at my treadmill. The repairman told me that the rear roller, walking belt, and computer board need to be replaced on it. Apparently, this is a come issue with this particular Precor model. I had to pay $110 for the diagnosis. Ugh... So I called Precor and asked them about this "upgrade". The Precor representative advised me that they (Precor) will pay for the parts and labor issue for this issue. So I call the treadmill repair company back. They tell me, that yes, Precor, will cover the labor, but not for the initial consultation.

Ya, ok that makes sense. I pay $110 for a consultation, to diagnose a common issue with this particular issue. So ridiculous. Luckily, it will only cost me $100 to get it up and running.

I then received my Amazon order. I must have not been paying attention when I placed my order the other day. I ordered (2) of one of my items. So I have to mail back this huge box, at an additional cost to me, for an item that had free shipping originally.


  1. Well, glad the treadmill will get fixed! I have had mine for about three years and love it. I forgot the brand. Originally I was going to get one at Sears , but ended up getting one from Wal-Mart, b/c it was rated top by Consumer Reports a few years back!!

  2. What was your Precor model number? Mine is also on the fritz after just 2 years!

  3. I have a Precor Treadmill, model 9.31.


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