Wednesday, August 27, 2008

E-Bay Hell

I've been working on Fall Auctions of Angry Toddler's Clothing for the past two days. I'm soo sick of typing up descriptions and taking pictures. You would think that when I do this every six months, I would shop less? Nope, I think I shop more and spend more than I ever have.

The kid has two wardrobes: school clothes and home clothes, plus he has some special occasion clothes too. Hopefully, I can get these listings up tonight.

It will help in my cleaning the office, which is still messy by the way.

Next time, I'm going to use an e-bay trading assistant like my friend, Tamara. Tamara did my friend Londie's auctions, and they rocked.

You hear that, Tamara!! I'm sending my Spring/Summer stuff to you!


  1. yeah...listing auctions SUCKS!!! I looove me some Tamara and her doing it all. I am very pleased with the whole process of someone else doing it. :D Good luck with it all!!!

  2. I am finding it harder and harder to sell things on ebay :(

  3. Bring it on, baby!! lol You know where to find me!

    (waves to Londie) Love ya too, woman!


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