Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Traditions for the Angry Family

It seems that the Holidays bring around family, and lots of traditions. The two sometimes don't always agree with each other, that is, families and traditions. In the past fifteen years, well give or take a few, I've had to arrange the Holidays between Angry Husband's and my family.

-Always with my family. Arguing over what to eat. We ended up with a pre-made meal from Claim Jumper. My parents came over, and we relaxed. The food prep took a little less than two hours, organizing etc. I realized yet again, we need more serving utensils and bowls.

Day After Thanksgiving
-Black Friday, of course. Shopping. My mom and I go shopping. Probably 80% of the things that we buy on Black Friday are not gifts. We really go for the sales, and to window shop. I think we are crazy like that. My mom also loves to frustrate me every year too. I tell her to be at my house at a certain time, she arrives like an hour later. What a way to start the day.

Pictures with the Kids-Stacey, my BFF, and I torture our kids with photos every year. Or least we try too..I'm sure in a year or so, they will hate each other and refuse to do this. We are going to try and enjoy it as long as we can. See photo above. I added some snow with's help. I got a little creative.

Christmas Eve-We used to go to my Grandma's (my dad's mom), when I was a kid. I would hide in the corner and read the latest book I was into, Sweet Valley High, or something similar. I could not stand all the attention that my cousin's got. They were awful too. We then started going to my mom and dad's friend's house. And the past few years, we've gone to other family friends. This year, Angry Husband's grandparents will be here for the Holidays. I have no clue on what the agenda is...oh, and that's Angry Husband's Birthday too!!! Happy 36 Angry Husband on December 24th.

Christmas Day-We hang out at our house, and Santa arrives the night before. My parents will come over for dinner and then we will unwrap gifts. We usually have ham, and I bitch about it all day long. I hate ham. Thankfully, we are having Turkey this year. YAY! We usually watch some choice movies like Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story. Angry Toddler will get over-stimulated by toys, and pass out. Good times!

Day after Christmas-Angry Husband and I hit Target for after-Christmas sales. In reality, we need nothing, no more decorations, no more lights, no more boxes-NOTHING. Yet we always go, because really, we need another lawn deer, right?

But really, we do give to Charity and participate in events for the less fortunate. I volunteered with the Junior League and The Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center to deliver presents to needy families last year. We also donate to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

The Angry Family tries to give a little back each year. I hope to contribute more this year. My friend, Shannon, is also having a Holiday Challenge to Feed a Family. Be sure and check the info on her blog.

I try and make a new Holiday tradition or memory every year. I'm still looking for the "perfect Christmas Tree topper", still haven't found that diamond... I hope everyone makes new Holiday memories and traditions this year. Even if it means something like, "refusing to go to your relatives because they really annoy you, and you are finally putting your foot down". It took years before my parents realized I hated go to my Grandmother's for Christmas Eve.


  1. Have fun shopping...I'm so not going! I may have to break my plan though...sits sent me by:) Have a safe shopping adventure!!

  2. Your site is adorable!
    Fun Holiday times... :-)
    Stopping by from SITS

  3. Stopping by from SITS and fun to read of your holiday traditions and the reality of it all!!

  4. I love the holidays...but hate that being annoyed by my relatives is always a part of it!

    We always head out the day after Christmas, too, even though I never need anything.

  5. Aw I loved the photots, I didn't get out til like 6pm and there were still some good deals out there lol.

  6. K, that is so totally cool the way you wrote the traditions!

  7. The trick for late people is to always give them a time that is 1 hour earlier than you really want them to show up. lol works like a charm for my chronically late husband.

  8. Are there EVER enough serving utensils for any holidy?

    Love the way you write!

  9. What wonderful traditions! Your day after Thanksgiving sounds just like mine!

    And the little reindeer is adorable!

  10. we are on strike with the in-laws this year. They are just being crappy about everything

  11. My mother never wraps anything and it greatly annoys me!!

  12. Very cute 'Lawn Deer' Ha Ha
    Love your traditions!!
    Summer :0)

  13. Traditions are great! We used to have family traditions until all the grandkids started getting married. Now we're trying establish new traditions that fit everyone.

    Stopping by from SITS

  14. Traditions are always great, especially when your kids do the same with their own, and so and so on. Speaking of tree toppers, I just found a beautiful angel and cannot wait to top our tree!

  15. Love the traditions and the photos! The reindeer costume is especially adorable.

  16. Ha! I hate ham too. Except for this random ham, cheese and rasberry jam dip my mom makes. Yes sounds random and gross. But it is delish!!
    (Thanks for saying my etnies post made you laugh out loud. It was a b%$#@ to write. I don't know why.)


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