Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Black Friday Recap

What a busy weekend!

I'm finally sitting down and trying to collect my thoughts. Thanksgiving was great. We enjoyed some good food. My mom kept trying to get Angry Toddler to eat, which was a no-go. He finally ate after they left, a piece of pumpkin pie nonetheless.

During the day on Thanksgiving, I caught some deals on Rue la la ,Leapfrog, and Harvey's Seatbeltbags. I got Tommy Bahama shirts on Rue la la for my dad. They were half price. I also got a Leapster case, an AC adapter, and six Leapster games from LeapFrog for $67 shipped. All of these items have been shipped already, and they should be here by the beginning of the week.

I really had no plans for Black Friday. When I say no plans, I mean, I didn't have the entire mall mapped out with my attack plan. Really, there weren't any deals, that I HAD to get. We DO NOT need any more electronics. There are no MUST HAVE toys.

My mom arrived at my house at about 6:15am...late compared to others..and we were off on our journey. We parked the car and headed in. Really, the mall wasn't that busy. Maybe the early risers got their deals and left. Our first stop was at babyGap. My mom picked up some fleece pull-overs for gifts, we then wandered around the rest of the mall. We hit several other stores. Yes, we did make a large dent at the Apple Store. Ok, so we got some electronics, but ironically they were NEEDED items, umm bigger hard drive. I've got to store all my fabulous pictures somewhere, right?

Stacey, the BFF, and her daughter, Stella, came to hang out with us, umm save me! She wandered the mall with us. She listened to my mom and her usual rambling. We ate lunch at Farrell's. We squished into a tiny tiny parlor table. But we avoided a HUGE one hour plus line.

After eating lunch, Stacey and Stella headed on their way home. My mom and I headed to Sak's Fifth Avenue. You are thinking, wow, isn't Sak's expensive? Why, yes, yes it is. We get our BEST DEALS, every Black Friday at Sak's. It's our little secret spot. We've gotten tons of clothing for Angry Toddler in the past. Think...Ralph Lauren Polo's for under $10. Now that he's so picky, we shop for ourselves.

Most of the shopping that we did at the mall on Friday was umm for us, not gifts. There were some great deals out there. But drumroll..........

My BEST BLACK FRIDAY DEAL was this BCBG Dress, Retail $258, BF Price low $60s. It's strapless. Now I just need to find somewhere to wear it. I got it at Sak's Fifth Avenue.

The top photo is a pair of massagers from Bath and Body Works. Stacey, the BFF, got bored. She was trying to district me from sensory overload. The smells in that store are STRONG!

P.S. If you want the play by play on my Black Friday Shopping, you can check out my Whrrl Story.


  1. OMG! Farrells! I haven't heard that name in years! There was one when I was growing up in my hometown and that was THE place to go after football games!

  2. Very cute dress. I expect to see it ON you in NY next summer!

  3. 6.15am?

    You deserved to find such a gorgeous dress when you get up at that time. Thank god I don't celebrate Black Friday!

  4. Major score on that dress!! Love it.

    You are brave, I did not even attempt Black Friday.

    But I did take advantage of Black Monday online. Got all of the kiddos goods from "Back to Basics" toys with $5 flat shipping. Can't beat that.


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