Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday and Black Friday Shopping Sites

It seems that everyone has thought about is starting their Holiday Shopping. I know I think about it constantly. I'm trying to find the best deals this Holiday Shopping Season. I should really make some kind of table or document. I'm looking at Black Friday Ads, websites, coupons, and comparing them all into my mental lists. I'm also calculating shipping costs and sales tax. I'm an instant gratification girl, I think all my friends know that. But I also realize that I can save some taxes and shipping fees if I map it all out.

I wanted to share a few websites that I'm using to do my Holiday shopping. Some of these links are affiliate codes, but some people have never heard of them, so I thought I would get the word out.


  1. dont forget! its the only place i buy shoes from now. they sell sunglasses, clothes and purses also.

  2. Good point!!!!!!! Everyone check it out!

  3. great great deals! thank you for sharing.


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