Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Discovery Science Center

Last Friday, my BFF and I, took the kiddos to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. It was my first visit to the Discovery Science Center. Angry Husband took Angry Toddler a few years ago, but thought that Angry Toddler was a little young at that time. Stacey also took Stella a few times, years ago too. I think that the kids were the perfect age this time, at four.

We started off our visit at the DSC by entering an approaching the Dynamic Earth Exhibits.
In the Dynamic Earth Gallery, YOU command the forces of nature as you explore ways the Earth changes. Make clouds, climb a mountain wall,walk through a tornado, and more! Most of the time, the changes happen so gradually that they are almost impossible to detect, even over the course of a lifetime. The mountains in our area grow a little every year as the plates in the Earth’s crust force them upwards. At the same time, these mountains are worn down by the effects of rain, wind and other forces. Scientists must use sensitive instruments to record changes like these.

Angry Toddler and Stella stayed in this area for at least 20 minutes. They were fascinated with it all. We then moved on to the Robots and Us Exhibit.

Angry Toddler loved the Robots Exhibit. He's way into electronics, just like Angry Husband. He was fascinated with how everything worked. He made sure to make his way through every station at the Exhibit.

We then headed upstairs to explore The Science of Hockey. Angry Toddler and Stella got to drive the Zamboni, shoot for the goalie virtually, and measure themselves up against some real life hockey uniforms. Angry Toddler really doesn't know much about hockey, so this was all new to him.

Protecting our Earth and its many Ecosystems was another limited edition exhibit.

Join Smokey Bear, Woodsy Owl, the Ranger and their forest friends at Discovery Science Center this summer to learn about protecting our precious Earth and its many ecosystems. Woodland, urban and river settings encourage families to spend time together outdoors and inspire children to discover and care for the natural resources that sustain our world – our home sweet home. Hands-on activities in each of these three areas demonstrate the importance of protecting ecosystems and highlight ways to reduce, reuse and recycle resources.

This was another special limited edition exhibit. Angry Toddler loved this one. It was more play, than science for them. It's a great one for the 4 and under crowd. There were a lot of hands on things for them to play with and explore.

There were soo many more exhibits that I could blog about, but it would take me all day. The kids loved the KidStation which was for the 5 and under crowd, and their huge outdoor exhibit, Dino Quest.

We will definitely visit Discovery Science Center again. Especially since Angry Toddler is way into science.

I found out that they have a membership program, which is pretty much like a season pass.

Plus, they have summer day camps for kids ages 5-13. This is very helpful to know since Angry Toddler will be 5 next year, and I'm already looking for fun things to do next summer.

You can also follow the Discover Science Center on Twitter.


  1. I had a first date there several years ago. Gotta give the guy points for creativity!

  2. It was so fun. We used to have a membership when Stella was 2 but it was hard for us to get there. We went 2 maybe 3 times with the membership. I love the central location in OC. Even from San Clemente it's only a 30 minute drive and I can shop and eat at some great places nearby. Thanks for letting Stella and I come!

  3. Love the Science Center. It's a perfect place for the kids! We usually spend at least a couple of hours and then finish off with lunch at Taco Bell. Not the healthiest but kids love it!

  4. We have a place called Discovery Gateway here, where I'm from, it isn't all about Science, but some of the exhibits are! And, while watching my kids explore, I realized that science doesn't always have to look like a lab for children to learn about their world and how things work! Thanks for sharing this experience! I am so taking the kids back to the Gateway- and SOON! Our season pass expires at the end of the month!


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