Tuesday, July 07, 2009

BlogHop Tuesday: Favorite Picture

Welcome to Angry Julie Monday and thanks for visiting! I'm a married, working mom (law enforcement), with one son. We live in Orange County, California. I've been blogging for two years now and I love every minute of it.

We've probably taken thousands of photographs since our son was born. I have many favorites.

I thought that I would post a "recent favorite photograph". I took this last Friday, July 3rd. Angry Toddler (my son) had just gotten a fresh haircut the day before. I love when he gets a fresh haircut. He made the barber leave it longer on top, so that he could have a "mohawk".

He also was wearing a button-up shirt. He has probably worn a button-up shirt less than ten times since he was around two. I put the shirt on him and he did not fuss at all.

He got a little silly, since I was interrupting him while he was playing the Wii!!

Please feel free to stay awhile and check out my blog. I'm really not that Angry, only sometimes..

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  1. Julie, your little man is seriously one of the cutest kids ever! I absolutely love his haircut!!

  2. Love the mohawk!

    Just stopping by via the blog hop to say hello!


  3. That is too cute!! I am loving the mohawk.

  4. love his 'do! him and my charlie would be cute together. they both have the fro-hawk going!

  5. looking good my oldest son loved to wear button up shirts but my youngest did not so I am sure that it all depends on the child not matter what the mom wants

  6. What a cute picture! Love the look on his face.


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